Marbella Luxury Weekend was once again a grand and magnificent event which highlighted the opulence that Marbella has to offer. I am still under a huge impression after these 4 days of complete and utter excitement which I was so lucky to experience. Marbella Luxury Weekend is my absolutely the most favourite event here on the Costa del Sol (and you know that we have plenty of qualitative entertainment here all through the year). I loved everything about this event! Amazing organisation and presentation! Thank you for everyone who made this fairytale possible and I really hope that I will be able to experience it again next year!

Although I loved everything abut Marbella Luxury Weekend 2013 (and I am sure you followed my Instagram and Facebook live updates), there were still some events that stood out of the rest and I want to tell you more about those.

Maison Lejaby Fashion Show
Marbella Luxury Weekend Maison Lejaby lingerie catwalk in Puerto Banus

Without a doubt the most amazing show was by the leading French luxury lingerie brand, Maison Lejaby! The Lido dancers, who came from Paris and were models during this show, arrived at the catwalk on top of a stunning Rolls Royce.

They delivered a sexy display of more than 50 lingerie sets and swimwear and the audience was ecstatic.

Marbella Luxury Weekend Maison Lejaby lingerie catwalk

The show was unforgettable and the Puerto Banus was the best possible setting for this to happen and have such effect.

Puerto Banus by night at Marbella Luxury Weekend

Opening Gala

The other as unforgettable and grand event as Maison Lejaby catwalk was the opening night. It started with arrival of VIP guests from the world of sports, culture, politics, and the economy. The Spanish Association of Luxury awarded the Mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, with the Diamond of Honour presented by the Association’s President, HRH Beatriz de Orleans.

Mayoress of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz at Marbella Luxury Weekend

Guests were treated to the exceptional catering by the two Michelin-starred chef Dani García. Among other delights of the evening was the very emotional performance by the young and very talented flamenco dancer Aitana Muñoz. I was very impressed by her dance, at one point I even had tears of joy in my eyes. But shhh, don’t tell anyone how emotional I can be :) I wish all the best to Aitana and her team!!

Aitana Muñoz flamenco dancer at Marbella Luxury Weekend

But event didn’t stop at that, there were a lot of other great shows and surprises that took place throughout the night. Here is a very amazing photo of me at the red carpet. I love it a lot!

Julia Travchenko of at Marbella Luxury Weekend Opening Gala red carpet
La Zagaleta Forum

The Zagaleta Group united such speakers as Paul Donovan, CEO of UBS Investment Bank, José Luis Bonet, President of Freixenet Group; Antonio González-Barros, President and Founder of Intercom Group; Marcos de Quinto, President of Coca-Cola Iberia. But most importantly (especially for me!) former F1 driver David Coulthard.

David Coulthard at La Zagaleta forum in Marbella

Fashion Bloggers at Gomez & Molina Jewellers

It was also very interesting and valuable to attend the panel discussions with experts in fashion and luxury, aimed to guide and advise the public on image. The workshop was attended by stylist Josie and blogger Encarna Mesino, amongst others, who offered different views on fashion and style concepts.

Fashion Bloggers at Marbella Luxury Weekend

There were a lot of interesting events and exclusive parties during 4 days of Marbella Luxury Weekend. And I advise you once again to review my complete report from all events that I have attended on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I can’t wait for the next year! It will definitely be even more grand! Bring on Marbella Luxury Weekend 2014!!

Special thanks for amazing photos to Sergio Kapusta!


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