This Monaco Yacht Show 2013 will be my 4th time in a row when I go there as a visitor and blogger. Every year I can’t wait for the end of September when I can finally reunite with my old friends, explore amazing super yachts, attend glamorous parties, check out luxurious things, learn a lot and just have a great time. Attending Monaco Yacht Show is always a great idea and unforgettable experience!

Now, when there is just a few days left till Monaco Yacht Show 2013, I want to reflect on my previous visits and plan my activities in advance. I know that there will be almost impossible to follow my plan precisely as there will be a lot of last minute party invitations or interesting coffee dates. But there are 5 things that I always do during Monaco yacht show, these are my fancy rituals:

1. Have a Glass of Wine in Saphire 24 Bar at Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel

There is a great number of yachts and boats coming to Monaco during the show and, of course, not all of them can fit into the Hercules port. So, a lot of boats are parked outside the harbor, which makes the unbelievably beautiful scenery, especially in the evening when all the boats are light up. And as this hotel is situated so close to the water and Saphire 24 Bar has huge panoramic windows, it becomes my number one spot for chilling with a glass of wine and admiring the magnificent view. By the way, every time I visit Monaco, I always go to Saphire 24 Bar for a drink. But only during Monaco Yacht Show you can witness so many boats, so I strongly suggest that you visit or even stay at Fairmont Monte Carlo

view from on yachts from saphire 24 bar at fairmont hotel

2. Check out a new city on French Riviera

It became a good tradition of mine to visit at least one new city on the Cote D’Azure during the week I am in Monaco. Last year I was exploring Menton, which I absolutely loved! And before that Nice, Juan-Les-Pines and Antibes. This time I want to go to Eze.

Colorful buildings in Menton France

3. Go Shopping in Metropole

Well, I guess there is no need to explain this checkpoint on my plan, but it is an absolute must-have. Everything can wait but shopping. :)

4. Have Lunch With Friends at Stars&Bars

Actually, this is not my most favorite place in Monaco, but it is definitely the most fun and crowded one during the yacht show. This place is buzzing from the morning till late at night. They have free wifi, live music and wide variety of delicious food options. If you are single and want to meet someone, this is the spot you need to hang out all the time. Cute captains and other members of the yacht crew are relaxing here ;)

meeting with Alexa at Stars & Bars during Monaco Yacht Show

5. Afternoon tea at Bar Americain in Hotel de Paris

This is my other favorite tradition to have a mint tea with delicious dessert at Bar Americain in Hotel de Paris Usually I celebrate the end of the Monaco Yacht Show this way. After the hectic week with lots of drinking and socialising all I want is to have a quiet moment alone with myself in luxurious surroundings.

evening tea with dessert at Bar Americain at Hotel de Paris

So, these are my must-haves during Monaco Yacht Show, but hopefully I will come up with more traditions this time to make the list of 10. By the way, if you are planning to go to the show or will be in Monaco around these dates, let me know! Maybe we can meet for coffee or something?! Also, maybe you can suggest absolutely amazing places that I need to add to my list of traditions? I would be very greatful!


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