We all love to travel in Summer, have fun on the beach, in the pools, wear our favorite bikinis and work on our tan. I personally love Summer and I love to travel a lot!! And to make our travel flawless we need to remember what kind of little things we need to take on a trip with us. So, here is a guest post by Sierra Dawson, who is a blogger at CreditDonkey, where she blogs about the best travel credit cards for rich girls.

Whether you are traveling abroad or taking a long weekend in the Hamptons, there are must-haves for every girl on the go. What you keep in your Hermès Birkin handbag is crucial when considering the possibilities while traveling. You could run into your boarding school friends or the Hilfiger’s.

Before leaving to catch your private jet to do a little shopping in Milan or hitting up the Souk in Morocco have your Concierge check the US State Department for travel warnings or alerts. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of some very unfortunate international mishap!

As for your handbag, there are indispensable items that every girl should have at all times. Besides your room key, your iPad and of course your Burberry scarf; these are never ever to be left home. Don’t be caught without them.

Passport/ID – Always, always, always have your ID with you. I cannot stress this enough. If for some reason you didn’t have your plane tickets, you would at least have your passport/ID. Yes, it’s your Father’s yacht; they will still require you to provide your passport to board in St. Tropez.


Money –I know that this should be a given. I felt I needed to make sure that I included this in my list. For clarification, you must have plastic and paper, I mean cash and credit. Forgive me for sounding like a commercial, but don’t leave home without your American Express darling!

Once you arrive and check-in to your suite, you may not want to carry around cash. You’re probably heading out to dinner with friends. Your tiny Judith Leiber really only holds no more than you’re AMEX, ID and your favorite shade of Chanel lipstick anyway.

Cell Phone – Another that may seem obvious. Before you leave, ensure you have International service activated if traveling overseas. Your beloved bejeweled iPhone may not work with overseas services either, so be sure to also have a back-up Blackberry on hand.

Incidentals – An extra pair of Tory Burch flats are great. You can slip in to them when your feet are tired of the pain inflicted by your 6-inch heels. What were you thinking when you chose those torture devices? Oh yes, there just was no other suitable choice at the time.

Be sure to load your iPad with new music and the latest Vogue or Glamour magazine to read while in flight or en-route. You can’t possibly sleep the whole time, can you? Boredom will set in before you know it, so be prepared by all means.

Sunglasses are a must. Planes wreak havoc on our skin, so you will want to make sure and bring sunglasses to hide behind after you remove your make-up for that 16-hour flight. On that note, Kiel’s has a great travel kit that is wonderful for hydrating while in flight.

Toiletries – I mentioned the Kiel’s travel kit, but you will also want to have toothbrush & mouthwash. Your favorite Chanel lip gloss which I know you cannot live without. Mints are also nice to have on hand. A hair brush and mini flat-iron for freshening up will do for your hair.

With these items in your bag, you are ready to jet-set wherever. You will be confident that you’re covered if your feet start to ache, your skin gets dry or if boredom takes over. You have money & ID to get you where you are going and to buy what you are looking for.

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