Monaco Yacht Show 2015 is only a few days away and it is time to make a list of the most magnificent and interesting yachts that will be on display during the show. It is a rare opportunity to view the most innovative and luxurious yachts at one place at one time. So, if you are still thinking whether you should go to Monaco Yacht Show or not, do not hesitate and go! This is a must-go event for the ultra-luxurious things. It will be a shame to miss it. Besides yachts, the atmosphere at the show is simply amazing and I personally never want to miss a chance to spend a few days in my beloved Monaco. Win-win!

But in case yachts is your passion, here is my list of 10 must-see yachts at the show. If I would be able to check out at least few of them, I would be very happy. In the end of the day, this is the main reason I am going to the Monaco Yacht Show with such consistency, I just love viewing new luxury yachts and boats. One day I will live permanently on one, but until then information and research is the key in order to understand what kind of yacht I want.


First motor boat on my list is Antlante. Antlante is an outstanding yacht, first of all due to it’s brutal look. Built by CRN this 55m yacht will no doubt be the star of the show.

Atlante new luxury yacht on display at the Monaco yacht show 2015


This 69,3 metre luxury yacht by Italian builder Tankoa Yachts is not only beautiful, huge, can accommodate 12 guests in 6 guest rooms, but has a wonderful name! Suerte in Spanish means Luck/Fortune. What a perfect name for a superyacht!

Suerte luxury yacht at Monaco Yacht Show 2015

Mangusta 132

Mangusta 123 launched in May 2015 by Overmarine shipyard is a fast and sleek yacht, which will be on display at Monaco Yacht Show.

Mangusta 132 yacht at Monaco Yacht Show 2015


I am really intrigued by the design of this custom 75 WallyPower called Checkmate. Can’t wait to view it in Monaco. Definitely a viewing priority on my list.

Checkmate new super luxury yacht at Monaco Yacht Show in port Hercules

Dreamline 34

Beautiful new yacht by DL Yachts shipyard – Dreamline 34. Looking forward to see it at the show. I heard it has owner’s cabin with magnificent views.

Dreamline new luxury yacht on display at Monaco Yacht Show 2015

Silver Fast

Silver Fast is a 77 metre long new build superyacht which will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show by Silver Yachts. This yacht is currently for sale. The price tag is €79,500,000, so if you are looking to buy a new vessel, make sure to check this beauty out during the show.

Silver Fast luxury yacht at Monaco Yacht Show 2015


Balista is not a brand new yacht. It was built in 2012, but I still want to view it at the Monaco Yacht Show as it is for sale now €19,000,000. Always great to see what this money can get you.

Balista new luxury yacht at Monaco Yacht Show 2015


Okto is a 66.4 metre motor yacht, which is the biggest yacht of the famous ISA Yachts shipyard as of yet. Accommodates 11 guests in 5 cabins. In case you are looking to buy a new motor boat, Okto is currently for sale – €59,500,000.

Okto new luxury yacht at Monaco yacht show


Love the name of this 46m luxury yacht by Feadship shipyard. Kiss is currently for sale, so if you will fall in love with this beauty you can go on a cruise. Kiss yacht accommodates 12 guests in 5 cabins.

Kiss yacht at Monaco Yacht Show 2015


And finally the yacht which is very dear to me. If I could only visit one yacht during the show, I want it to be 11/11. Something magical is in the number 11 for me. Built by Benetti, this 63m yacht is beautiful and full of innovations. Features a distinctive hydrodynamic plumb bow, two owner’s cabins and 46 lights placed below the waterline, which is one of my favourite thing, to see yachts on anchor after dark. Everything is so much prettier this way :) All in all 11/11 yacht can accommodate 12 guests in 6 cabins.

11/11 new luxury yacht at Monaco Yacht Show 2015

This is my list of 10 must-see luxury yachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2015. This article inspired me to make my own list, was the source of information and photos, so if you are looking for a broader view on various yachts, I suggest you visit Boat International website.

What do you think about my list? Is there any boat you liked the most?

Hope to see you at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015!


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