What could be better than a fun summer day spent on board of a yacht with friends? Celebrities love yacht holidays, as it is a great opportunity to have their longed-for privacy and relaxation, second to none customised service where all their desires are catered for and, of course, amazing parties. And so should you :) If by any chance you haven’t chartered a yacht or a boat yet, you should definitely make it your must-have every summer from now on. Nothing beats spending one week on water in a great company!

If your friends invited you to spend a few summer days on a yacht, there are a few fashion rules you have to keep in mind. That’s why I have created this style guide to make it easier for you to pack for your next yacht cruise.

Secluded bay in the South of France
Secluded Bay
Photo credit: shutterstock/Filip Stoklas

1. No Shoes On Board

There is no specific dress code for the yacht guests, only one restriction – no shoes on board. So you can leave your sandals and high-heels for the fun days in the city and make sure to book a pedicure appointment before going on a yacht holiday.

White and blue swimsuit with kaftan and summer hat for a yacht charter

Dress: Talitha
Swimsuit: Dolce & Gabbana
Hat: Sensi Studio

2. No Pets On Board

No pets are allowed on board, unless previously permitted by the owner. But even if the owner will allow you to take your pet on board, consider that one of the guests might have an allergy. To avoid spoiling a holiday for yourself and others, make sure you find a good care taker or hotel for your pet way in advance of your cruise. This way everyone will have a good time.

Yacht style fashion for a day on deck
Dress: Loup Charmant
Bikini: Dolce & Gabbana
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry
Sandals: Valentino

3. Kaftans, Sarongs and Fancy Cover-ups

The majority of your day will be spent on board in your bikini or swimsuit, so make sure you pack a few stylish kaftans and dresses to feel comfortable and beautiful.

Fashion style for a day on a yacht
Dress: Missoni Mare
Swimsuit: PRISM
Sunglasses: Fendi
Sandals: Alvaro
Beach Bag: Heidi Klein
Necklace: Marni

4. Nautical Symbolic

What is the better time and place to wear something with nautical theme than while you are on a yacht? This is your chance to channel your inner sailor :)

Swimsuit and kaftan for a day on a yacht
Dress: Lisa Marie Fernandez
Swimsuit: Lisa Marie Fernandez
Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals
Sunglasses: PRISM

5. Summer Hat

It could be windy while on board, but you should still think of taking a nice summer hat with you. This way you will not only look cool, but also protect your hair from excessive sun and your body from a risk of a heatstroke.

White bikini and white summer hat for a day on a yacht
Dress: Laura Manara
Hat: Sensi Studio
Necklace: Aurélie Bidermann

6. White and Blue Colours, Linen and Batiste Fabrics

When choosing your clothes for a yacht cruise, pick the most comfortable and light fabrics. The best choice would be linen clothes in white and blue shades.

Linen trousers and linen shirt for a relaxed day on a yacht
Shirt: Thierry Colson
Trousers: Loup Charmant
Sandals: Pierre Hardy
Sunglasses: ILLESTEVA

7. Long Evening Gowns for Dinner Parties

As you are not allowed to wear your fancy stilettos on board, you should choose long evening gowns in case of a dinner party on a yacht. This way you will look glamorous and no one will see your bare feet. Win-win.

Evening gowns for a dinner party on a yacht
Dress (on the left): Roksanda
Dress (on the right): Diane von Furstenberg
Clutch: Diane von Furstenberg
Bracelet: Isabel Marant
Necklace: Balenciaga

So, this is my style guide for your perfect vacation on a yacht. Follow these easy suggestions and you will look great and be comfortable in any situation. Nothing should spoil your great time. And if you forget something, there is always a chance to find it in the nearest port.

Choosing appropriate clothes for your holiday is very important, but the most important thing is to decide on the right yacht to charter. Make sure that you have the best quality/price combo and professional crew. The rest will be taken care of.

Have you ever chartered a boat before? Maybe you can add something to my list of suggestions? What is your most favourite yacht cruise destination? Would love to hear from you.

Have an unforgettable time!


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