As soon as September is coming to an end, I start to think about Halloween costumes. The same goes to the Christmas presents shopping by the way, because the best things you can only get if you start early. While people still enjoy their last days of sunshine and warmth, I am going through numerous Halloween costume ideas online. This year I decided to look for the most sophisticated (if there is anything sophisticated in Halloween costumes) and luxurious looks I could find. Honestly, I am tired of slutty costumes, so here is my list of the most beautiful and more or less modest Halloween costume ideas for women.

Luxury Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

1. Dark Angel Costume

This is my favourite luxury costume idea for Halloween. The obvious advantage of this costume is that nobody will be able to come close to you, because of your wings. Perfection :)

Dark angel luxury Halloween costume ideas for women

2. Silver Star Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a classic Halloween costume. It is simple, yet feminine at the same time. A great choice for someone who enjoys going to various themed parties, as Texas theme is very popular and you will definitely have opportunity to wear this costume again.

Cowgirl luxury halloween costume idea for women

3. Madame Steampunk Costume

Absolutely love this luxury Halloween costume idea. It unites everything in one costume: a touch of sluttiness, sexiness and femininity. What do you think, girls?

Madame steampunk luxury halloween costume idea for women

4. Ghostly Lady Luxury Costume

Simple white dress, but very spooky :) Perfect for Halloween, right?

Ghostly lady halloween luxury costume idea

5. Cinderella Luxury Costume

All ladies, no matter their age are girls in their hearts. That’s why luxury Cinderella costume is a great choice for someone who wants to feel like a child.

Cinderella luxury halloween costume idea for women

6. Corpse Bride Women’s Costume

This corpse bride costume will work perfectly with scary Halloween makeup. If you don’t don’t have someone to help you with this kind of makeup, check out Youtube for inspiration.

Corpse bride luxury halloween costume idea for women

7. Deluxe Evil Queen

This is another glamorous yet spooky look for Halloween. Ideal for girls, who don’t want to paint their faces and look too slutty.

Deluxe Evil queen luxury costume idea for women

8. Wicked Kitty Catsuit

This is the most sexy Halloween costume idea from my whole list. But somehow I feel that I would be able to pull it off. What do you think?

Wicked kitty catsuit luxury halloween costume ideas for women

9. Sultry Flamenco Dancer

In Spain this would be a normal look for any city feria, but if I would be going to US to celebrate Halloween there, I would definitely pick this costume to remember my great and fun times in Marbella.

Sultry flamenco dancer luxury women halloween costume idea for women

10. Racy Red Coat Women’s Costume

What do you think about this Racy Red Coat costume, girls?. Although the skirt is too short, I still think that this look is sophisticated and luxurious. Don’t you agree?

Racy red coat luxury halloween costume idea for women

11. Tuxedo Bunny Women’s Costume

And finally the last piece on my Halloween costume ideas list is this Tuxedo Bunny. Cute and sexy!

Tuxedo bunny luxury halloween costume idea for women

Did you like any of the luxury costumes on my list? If you need more ideas, here is the list of brand new 2016 Halloween costumes for your whole family.

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Do you have any idea which costume you want to buy this Halloween? Please share your ideas in the comments below. I would love to hear all about it!

Have a wonderful Halloween!


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