Monaco Yacht Show is my absolutely favourite luxury event of the year. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time now, remember my reviews of previous trips (in case you missed anything, check it all out here).

Monaco Yacht Show took place precisely one month ago and I am so happy to share my unforgettable experience with you. Some people ask me “Why you don’t write about your trips straight after you came home? Don’t you forget the details, if you write after a month?” My answer is simple: “I love to savour the good times and memories. If I write about my trip the moment I come home, in one months’ time I already forgot all about it. But if I write about it later, I still have a chance to revive the magnificent moments! My trip to Monaco is always this special case, which I want to experience again and again!” Oh, how much I love this country! Every time I go there, I don’t want to come back. Monaco is amazing all year round, but during the yacht show is my most favourite time to visit.

Superyachts in Port Hercules during Monaco Yacht Show

OCEAN Independence Blogger Experience During Monaco Yacht Show

I have lots to tell you about my week in Monaco, so let’s begin with the most enjoyable part of my trip. During Monaco Yacht Show I was lucky to be invited by OCEAN Independence to spend two unforgettable days with their friendly team and wonderful bloggers from different countries.

Day 1:

Monaco Yacht Show experience is not complete if you haven’t partied on a yacht. And thanks to OCEAN Independence I had a chance to attend glamorous evening with stunning views to the port, delicious catering, great atmosphere, pleasant people, live music and …wait for it… Bell helicopter on board of “Voyager” yacht!! What could be more lavish than that?!

Voyager yacht in Port Hercules during Monaco Yacht Show

Not surprisingly, Bell helicopter was very popular with the guests, everyone wanted to sit inside and have a few photos. I also couldn’t resist temptation of making lots of photos with the helicopter and this one is my favourite:

Julia Travchenko in front of Bell helicopter during party onboard of Voyager yacht

Ocean Independence party on board of superyacht Voyager during Monaco Yacht Show

I want to thank Rachael Fillatre for spending time with me during the evening, showing me around, introducing me to interesting people and taking photos of me. She made this evening even more special and enjoyable. And I also want to thank Amanda for inviting me to this event in the first place! Huge thank you also goes to Philipp who took care of all bloggers.

Ocean Independence party on board of Voyager yacht during Monaco Yacht Show

Day 2:

The next day was full of pleasant surprises. First of all we had a thrilling tender ride along the coast on Wajer 37. I fell in love with this tender and I am not the only one, it was unanimously voted Boat of the Year at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show in 2006.

Tenders in the Port Hercules during Monaco Yacht Show

Wajer 34 tender in Port Hercules during Monaco Yacht Show

The day was very warm and when we anchored in the picturesque bay I was envious of the girls who took their bikinis with them, because it was such a perfect chance to go for a swim! Water was so crystal clear and warm.

Julia Travchenko on a tender ride to Cap Martin with OCEAN Independence during Monaco Yacht Show

The rest of the day we spent exploring superyachts. First on our list was modern and chic yacht “Logica“. This boat was favourite among all the bloggers and they took a lot of amazing photos. I only took a few photos, because I was completely in awe, so I suggest you visit OCEAN Independence website to get the better feel of this magnificent yacht. There is a lot to like about “Logica”: huge interiors and exquisite pieces of furniture, panels, lighting, sculptures and eye-catching details.

Dining table on board superyacht Logica

Lifestyle bloggers on board superyacht Logica with Ocean Independence

I was mostly impressed by the huge 5,5m swimming pool on forward main deck.

Julia Travchenko on board of superyacht Logica during a private tour with Ocean Independence

The next gem of the yacht we visited was “Steel“. This yacht was completely different to the modern “Logica”. The beautifully crafted classic interior made me feel like inside of the castle.

Interior of the Superyacht Steel

Bathroom inside super yacht Steel

It was unforgettable experience and I am very thankful to OCEAN Independence for these few days! OCEAN Independence is one of the largest yacht brokerage companies in the world, they cover all aspects of owning, chartering, buying, selling, building and managing private or charter yachts. So, if you think to charter or buy a yacht, you know where to turn to! At least my heart definitely belongs to OCEAN now.

Julia Travchenko in a pink Ocean Independence cap during Monaco Yacht Show

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I wish all days could be like these two days! Well, at least most of them.



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