Creating fashion involves a lot of exploitation of animals, non-biodegradable materials and artificial fabrics that makes it environmentally unfriendly. However, due the rising awareness of environmental responsibility, a lot of designers are opting for eco-friendly fashion trends that would change the face of fashion completely in the coming decade.

Buying chic clothes and accessories that do not require animal slaughter

A lot of people cave in to fashion trends, such as leather Birkin bag, which requires the slaughter of animals. You can see dozens of models strutting down the ramp during the Fashion Week clad in attire made out of fur, leather or suede in a bid to sell fashion. However, there are other designers that are more sensitive to the need for eco-friendly wear and they have come out with clothes and accessories that almost mimic the original leather ones! Keeping in view of the changing public opinion to ‘green’ fashion, a lot of manufacturers are coming out with ‘eco-chic’ fabrics that are pocket-friendly. Bourgeois Boehme is one such manufacturer of organic bags and shoes whose designs are very impressive.

Buying clothes that are colored by using eco-friendly dyeing techniques

There is another designer called Costello Taliapietra who has come out with a unique AirDye technique which is eco-friendly. Through this technique, AirDye basically puts the colors inside the fabric and all this is done without water. This remarkable technique saves on 45 gallons of water, 95 megajoules of energy/dress and 3 kilos worth of greenhouse gases! Pepe’s latest ‘organic jeans’ are dyed with ozone technology that saves on water, energy and this process is non-toxic.

‘Refashion’ or creating fashion by recycling old clothes

Lilian Asterfield is another designer who actually is a ‘refashion label’ as she does the most unique thing with old scarves and neckties by turning them into ruffle scarves, hairbands and brooches! She makes a wide range of colorful and elegant ruffles collar-like scarves for both men and women out of used vintage ties and neckties with a fun pattern. The best part is that her ware is absolutely affordable!

Investing in less expensive accessories with a high practicality quotient

Style and fashion should be more synonymous with comfort and practicality and should not be judged with a high price tag. Instead of splurging all your savings on a limited edition high end watch, it would be rather practical to invest in a cheaper silicone watch that probably has more advantages. The material does not crack, is non-toxic, and causes no irritation to the skin and many more.

Choosing organic cotton over regular cotton

Cotton is one of the most-preferred fabrics of all; however, little do we know that it requires plenty of chemicals for its treatment which leads to environmental concerns. Even Pepe is manufacturing their jeans with organic cotton. However, the fabric that environmentalists should watch out for would be organic cotton, which is sustainable, skin friendly and toxic-free!

Eco-friendly fashion would certainly rule the roost in the future fashion events, as this industry is also bracing up for these significantly ‘green’ changes. It is important for us to support this movement and try to buy clothes that are not made out of animal leather, fur or inorganic cotton. ‘Ecouterre’ or eco- friendly fashion is not merely a passing trend, but is here to stay!

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