Sailing the Mediterranean Sea is a dream come true for almost any yacht owner, charter guide, or lover of the sea. The Mediterranean invokes images of azure waters, luscious beaches, white-painted villages and blue-roofed homes. Cruising through the Mediterranean can provide both an immersion into regional culture and a trip into waters that are among the finest in the world. Due to the huge population of Europe and Asia, however, the Mediterranean Sea can be a congested place — unless you know of certain hidden gems that allow you to drop anchor and enjoy a little exclusive privacy on the water.

The Amalfi Coast is among the most beautiful and unique locations in the world. In this region of Italy, homes are built into the sides of towering sea cliffs, seemingly defying gravity and logic in the process. An average of 310 days of sunshine a year makes this section of the Mediterranean an ideal destination to sail, sip wine and simply relax. The Amalfi Coast contains several small islets with an abundance of little coves that are ideal for anchoring your yacht. If you are feeling adventurous, slip into the warm water to try your luck at diving for sponges, a specialty of the region.

Although the island of Malta may have one of the highest population densities in Europe, it still contains no shortage of private coves and harbors along the island’s coast, especially on its northern side. As a bonus, Malta offers hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails that criss-cross the island through historic remains of British castles and forts left from the Crusades of many centuries before.

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Gozo is a very small island off the Maltese Coast. Gozo is a rare gem because it is a rarely visited destination with which few people are familiar. Keep this one to yourself and set sail to Gozo. As an added benefit, the island offers a small marina and harbor with full services for the sailing captain and crew.

Croatia has become one of the go-to destinations in the Mediterranean for many reasons. Croatia is emerging as a top tourist destination, especially along the Dalmatian Coast. It is easy to slip away from the fishing boats, yachts and pleasure boats and stake out your own private piece of coastline along the tranquil Croatian waterfront. For a true taste of the Croatian coastal life, and the charm of a Dalmatian village, make your way to the Harbour Telašćica and drop anchor. Harbour Telašćica is near Kornati, and contains many fresh fish markets, small wineries and quaint cafes.

luxury yacht in Mediterranean sea

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The Turkish Mediterranean Coast is a region that some call the cradle of Western Civilization. It is certainly true that it is a region of beauty and history. You can find safe harbor in many of the small, tucked away coves on the Turkish coat. The region near Ephesus is particularly beautiful, so relax, soak up the sun and see the country where east and west converge. To view the region’s most beautiful scenery, start in the harbor of Izmir, Turkey’s second largest city, and then sail down the coast until you reach the small coves surrounding Ephesus itself. You will not be sorry.

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