Picking the right outfit takes time. And it matters. Oh, how it matters. With the right combination of clothes, you can become the prettiest fairy princess as easily as you can become a dancefloor owning dominatrix. Settling on the right clothes isn’t the whole picture though: it’s perfectly possible for you to absolutely butcher even the most perfect outfit by accessorizing it in the wrong way. So how can you be sure of picking the perfect piece? Read on!

We’ll start with the dull stuff: work. Whilst it’s fair game to think of your job as glorified fuel for your shopping addiction (I do), looking good is an important part of turning up for the 9-5 slog. Needless to say, office jewellery shouldn’t be overdone: this will just give you the look of someone who’s trying to pull the boss. (Obviously you’re welcome to try this, but being seen to do so is never a bad thing…). Smaller, more subtle pieces are the way forward: small earrings, necklaces or even a bracelet can look great. Needless to say, the 24 carat ear-rings that are the size of your stiletto should probably be left at home ;)


Right, the boring bit covered, we can move onto the bits you really care about: those gorgeous, figure-hugging dresses that have all your best friends secretly hating you. And attracting admiring glances from every man in the room. Every girl’s dream, obviously.

Picking the right jewellery for the right dress is an artform in it’s own right. Just as a man’s personality can be securely judged by his belt, shoes and watch, so we can judge our fellow girls by their necklace, earrings and pendants.

Necklaces are, as you’re probably very aware, reliant on the neck lining of the dress. If you prefer heart-shaped or strapless bodices, then you’ll want something that reaches your collarbone, as this will help to emphasise your bare neck and shoulders. For v-necks, a pendant or drop necklace with a centerpiece is the best way to highlight the “girls” (I heard that term from Scarlett Johansson, and can’t stop using it!). If you’ve got an open collar, then a thicker, chunkier piece is normally the best approach. Your standard square neck is best accentuated by a long chain.


It’s not only necklaces that can prove to be a bit of a disaster: it’s perfectly possible to ruin a beautiful dress with the wrong set of earrings. Not that I’m trying to scare you, obviously, but this stuff matters! Fortunately, getting it right is just a case of picking the right variety to suit your face:

Round/Fuller Faces: Go for length. Narrow and elongated earrings can effectively balance the shape of a rounder face.

Thin/Longer Faces: As you might have guessed, the reverse applies, with close-to-the-ear, rounder earrings the most appropriate choice.


Squarer Faces: As a rather square faced girl myself, I once made the mistake of wearing square earrings. The result? I looked like a rubix cube. Hooped earrings all the way for this one!

Heart-shaped Faces: As with squarer faces, round earrings are the right way forward, as they’ll soften the angles – if you’re really looking for something longer, then teardrop or pyramid shapes will look great.

Oval Faces: If you’ve got a more oval face, then count yourself lucky: you’ll fit virtually anything! Not that I’m jealous… much.

Author’s Bio: Charlotte Daniels is a freelance writer and blogger currently working with FactoryFast.com.au

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