If you’re beau has called you for a spontaneous dinner the same day, then fret not, as you can look extremely romantic without having to make that last minute dash at the salon. Love and romance are normally associated with reds and pinks, so try to play it safe by using these romantic colors to make your night a romantic one. Here are a few beauty tips, that can make you look drop-dead gorgeous in minutes!

1. Honey-suckle natural make-up

Try not to go overboard with a lot of red from head to toe. Try to mix in light pinks with the red. Opt for a bright red glossy lip color and opt for nude-pink blush and eye shadow. A subtle and fresh look would definitely make you look young and romantic.

2. The Cinderella make-up

The make-up worm by Natalie Portman in ‘Swan’ is perhaps a very romantic look. The gorgeous bun on the nape of the neck with the eyes defined clearly with a liquid liner combined with luscious matte red or pink lips is the perfect make-up for a romantic date!

3. Smoky eye make-up

A sure-shot way to get the sexy look would be to create a smoky look around your eyes by first outlining your eyes with a liquid liner and then smudging it in soft backward strokes to create a smoky effect. Your cat eyes will make you look enchanting. Complete the smoky eye look with a light pink or a glossy red lip shade to get that classy and romantic look. You could add more sensuousness to your eyes with false eyelashes on your top eyelids to achieve a dreamy look.

smokey eyes makeup tips and tricks how to

4. Luscious red lips

The lips are the most attractive feature of the face and will attract your partner’s attention almost instantly if you cover them with bright glossy red lip color! Ladies with fairer skin can carry off red lips with ease, whereas pink would look sensuous on ladies with darker skin tones. Try experimenting with the shade of red that you want or whether matte or glossy lip color suits you or not. A red velvety shade or a deep berry color would be classic picks.

5. Flirtatious eye make-up

For creating the flirty eye look, try applying a dark-colored eye shadow that contrasts your outfit in color. For instance, grey smoky eyes with a red dress would look extremely gorgeous. Create an aura of romance by tying your hair in a high ponytail so that all the attention is drawn to your face and your flirty eyes. Pick a color that flatters your eyes and try warmer tones like peaches, browns, corals that you can apply over the eyelid in order to balance the smokey color on the crease of the eyelid. Blues, lilacs and greens also look gorgeous – so just experiment and see what works well for you!

In order to bring in an element of romance in your make-up, try to opt for lighter hues on the lips, if you plan to accentuate the eyes. If you opt for a darker lip shade, then try to opt for a shimmery single-colored eye-shadow. Do not limit yourself to reds and pinks for the eyes, because contrasting colors always bring in more pizzazz to the overall look.

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