The vast majority of us love an unspoilt vista, looking out to sea and taking in a glorious sunrise or a beautiful sunset, but where in the world can you go to experience your own almost exclusive private moment in paradise? Anywhere where there is a stunning sea based location normally attracts a crowd of tourists but there are 5 seas that we can tell you about that have not been spoilt by tourism and you may not have actually heard of before.

1 – Inland Sea – Japan

The Inland Sea as it is known or to give it its full name the Seto Inland Sea, is a slightly curious title as the sea is not on or inland but is actually a body of water that separates the three main islands of Japan which are Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. This beautiful location consists of over 700 islands, most of which are uninhabited, and it offers a chance to see a rural, largely unspoilt Japan rarely seen by tourists as it is a well kept secret enjoyed by the Japanese people themselves.

inland sea japan seto

image credit: ozchin on flickr

2 – Coral Sea – Australia & Papua New Guinea

Situated off the Northeast coast of Australia it is bounded by the East Coast of Queensland which includes the Great Barrier Reef and at its Southern extremity it reaches the coastline of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The area is mainly popular with Scuba Divers as it offers some of the best dive sites anywhere in the World and enjoys the warm climate all year round. Yachting, spear fishing, kayaking, surfing and just sun bathing are all on offer in the largely unspoilt Coral Sea.

solomon islands coral sea papua new guinea

image credit: biukili on flickr

3 – White Sea – Russia

The White Sea is found off the North West coast of Russia and grazes the Arctic Circle. It is an area that is not visited by large numbers of tourists. You will not get suntan here as temperatures in the summer months barely reach 10C but the positive aspect of this is you will enjoy quiet walks along some beautiful beaches on the Southern Shore.

white sea russia arctic circle

image credit: Schekinov Alexey Victorovich

4 – Myrtoan Sea – Greece

The Myrtoan Sea is often unmarked on modern maps and this ancient and mysterious sea is actually a part of the Aegean Sea. It was originally named by the Ancients and is situated between a group of around 220 Islands known as the Cyclades and a large peninsula in Southern Greece known as the Peloponnese. This is an area largely untouched by tourism and can be reached by ferry from the mainland.

5 – Sea of Azov – Ukraine & Russia

Situated in between the Ukraine and Russia, the Sea of Azov is in fact the shallowest sea in the World. It is officially recognised as part of the Black Sea, and is connected by the narrow Strait of Kerch. It is an area that is a popular among Russians and Ukrainians in the hot summer months when the water is warmer. But as a tourist location it is far less developed than the Crimea South Shore, so you are likely to find yourself a deserted beach where you can enjoy your own private space, far from the madding crowd.

azov sea ukraine russia

image credit: felissy on flickr

Author’s Bio: Guest post written by Sam Harvey on behalf of Casino Mate.

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