So, since I am officially addicted to making style sets, here is my latest creation: the perfect look for a day on the beach. This summer I am super happy for the one-piece trend (means I don’t have to sweat too much to improve my stomach) :)

I was writing about my most favorite beach cover-ups previously, but it seams I have found one more favorite: tunic from Gottex. I love the colors and the fact that it has long sleeves. Now when the heat is back in Marbella, I understand that the lesser my skin is exposed to the sun the better. That is why I have added a hat to this set as well.

luxurious beach style set

Things I used for this look:
Gottex – Anthea Beach Dress
OndadeMar – Leaf Print Cutout One Piece
Balenciaga – Arena Sandals

Rafe New York Tote – Kim Straw Large
Borsalino – Fraied Parasisol Straw Hat

So, rich girls, what do you think about this beach set? Don’t forget to share your style sets with me and the girls ;)


Rich Girl

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