It is Wednesday and this means that I have selected a 3 luxe things worth obsessing about this week. Today in my small list there is surprisingly a men’s luxury watch, but only because it is related to my biggest passion – tennis! And also, because it is an exceptional timepiece. Let’s see what else do I have on my list! As always please do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comment section below and if you have any suggestions or fresh ideas, I am always happy to hear from you.

3 Luxe Obsession Wednesday: Rihanna for Dior Sunglasses, Richard Mille and de Grisogono

Rihanna for Dior sunglasses, Richard Mille watch for Nadal and  De Grisogono bracelet

1. Rihanna for Dior Sunglasses

Can I just say it – WOW! I am obsessed with futuristic, reflective sunglasses that Rihanna created in partnership with Dior. They are so cool and unique, inspired by Geordi La Forge from “Star Trek” and come in six various colours. The “regular” price for these sunglasses is $840 and a “deluxe” 24-karat gold-plated version – $1 950. Sunglasses will be available at the selected Dior stores from the beginning of June. Be prepared to hunt shop, ladies :)

Rihanna wearing Dior sunglasses which she created in collaboration with the brand

Rihanna created futuristic sunglasses for Dior

2. Richard Mille Watch for Rafael Nadal

Even for such a huge tennis fan as myself it was a surprise that Rafael Nadal has a long-running partnership with luxury Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille. Everyday there is something new to find out about, right? So, as it happens, each year just in time for the French Open tennis tournament Richard Mille unveils a new high-performance, lightweight and shock resistance timepiece which is added to the “Rafael Nadal” collection. This year a new watch is “RM 35-02” and it is the first model in the collection to use an automatic movement. Although, I am not gonna wear a men’s watch, but I still love the brand and the watch looks amazing. You can learn more technical specifications about this watch here. What do you think?

New Richard Mille RM 35-02 watch for Rafael Nadal collection

3. De Grisogono Bracelet

Inspired by the glamorous parties and numerous breathtaking jewellery pieces seen in Cannes Film Festival 2016, I started to look for a piece to add to my collection. And here we go! Love this pink gold, amethysts and pink sapphires on a leather band bracelet from Allegra collection. I think it is perfect for summer days and these bracelets come in different colours, so can match any outfit. Obsessed! What do you think, girls?

De Grisogono pink diamond bracelet on a leather band from Allegra collection

These are my amazing 3 Luxe Obsessions this Wednesday. Can’t wait for Rihanna’s sunglasses to be available in the Dior stores. Is there anything you liked on my today’s list? Is there anything you are obsessing at the moment? Please do share your findings in the comments below. I would love to know what are your favourite things. Let’s obsess over them together :)

Have a beautiful day!



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