Vertu phone, what do you think about it? I remember time, when owning a Vertu phone showed everyone that you belong to a higher class, it was a true sign of your wealth and prestige. Since then a lot has changed and I don’t know what I think about this phone anymore. When iPhone or Samsung is the phone of choice for rich as well as other people. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of Vertu phones around, maybe that’s why the latest Vertu Aster Leaf got my attention!

Anyway, today is Wednesday and it means that I can’t wait to share with you 3 most amazing and luxurious things I am obsessing about at the moment. Check out what these things are and don’t forget to leave your comments and opinions below. I am always happy to hear your thoughts.

3 Luxe Obsession Wednesday: Vertu Aster Leaf, Karl Lagerfeld

3 luxe obsessions wednesday: vertu phone aster leaf, emilio pucci scarf, Karl Lagerfeld engagement rings

1. Engagement Rings by Karl Lagerfeld

Today was a very happy day! My friend got engaged to her amazing boyfriend of many years! I was excited beyond words and already started to plan my most stunning outfit for her wedding. This news made me very sentimental. And I was surprised to find out that only recently Karl Lagerfeld partnered up with jewelers Frederick Goldman and created his very first collection (at the moment consistent of three different styles) of engagement rings. There is 18-karat white and yellow gold, as well as platinum rings and prices start at $1 000, going up to $10,000. I particularly love this engagement ring by Karl Lagerfeld:

Diamond engagement ring by Karl Lagerfeld

2. Vertu Aster Leaf

When almost everyone has the latest iPhone or Samsung phone, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. And if you just need to own everything unique and exclusive, then these “ordinary” phones will not work for you. Well, as least I am starting to get tired of iPhone. That is why new Vertu Aster Leaf got on my obsessive radar. First of all, only 100 pieces of this particular phone will ever be made and secondly, I love the gorgeous design. Just look at this raspberry leaf embossed black aniline hand crafted leather by Carina Sohl! Wow! The price of this phone is also astonishing – € 8 900. I am obsessed with it. The only problem for me is that I need to get used to the Android, since I have been using iOS for many years now. But I think it is least of my concerns.

New Vertu Aster Leaf phone by Carina Sohl

3. Emilio Pucci Cities of the World Scarf

I was mesmerised by the Emilio Pucci scarves from the latest edition of the Cities of the World collection. This time it is updated with the pictures of famous European resort cities. I love scarves and think that this particular scarf could be a great “souvenir” to bring from the upcoming summer vacation. Price of the scarf is €295. What do you think, girls?

Emilio Pucci scarf from cities of the world resorts collection

So, here are my 3 Luxe Obsessions this Wednesday. I am so excited about the upcoming wedding of my friend, that I literally can’t think about anything else right now. What did you like the most on my today’s list? What are you obsessing about at the moment? Please do share your findings in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts as well as to find out about your favourite things. Let’s obsess over them together :)

Have a beautiful day!



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