I have just received information about one of my most favorite Forbes lists – “The Celebrity 100“. I somehow missed to write my thoughts about it last year, but if you are interested you can see my opinion on this two years ago.

“The Celebrity 100” is put together taking into consideration not only the amount of money each celebrity earned during the year, but also their web and other media influence. So, in order to be considered as the most successful, celebrities should not only earn money, but also create a buzz around their name over the year.

I was happy to see that 7 celebrity girls are in the top 10! Amazing, it leaves the room for only 3 guys on the top. Only Justin Bieber made it to the 3rd place, Tom Cruise on the 9th and Steven Spielberg on the 10th. Guess this means celebrity girls know how to earn money and make people talk about them much better than guys.

And by the way 3 of the girls from top 20 were seen in “11 Most Successful Celebrity Girls of 2011” feature here on Rich Girls Club. Which makes me really happy :) These 3 girls are: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles.

Anyway, back to “The Celebrity 100” list by Forbes. As we are only interested in girls and their success stories, here is the Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Girls:

jennifer lopez tops forbes celebrity 100 list in bikini

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1 – Jennifer Lopez – $52 Million

2 – Oprah Winfrey – $165 Million

3 – Rihanna – $53 Million

4 – Lady Gaga – $52 Million

5 – Britney Spears – $58 Million

6 – Kim Kardashian – $18 Million

7 – Katy Perry – $45 Million

8 – Taylor Swift – $57 Million

9 – Angelina Jolie – $20 Million

10 – Beyonce Knowles – $40 Million

As we can see from this list, although Oprah Winfrey earned a whopping $165 Million this year, she is still a little behind Jennifer Lopez. Somehow I don’t think that Oprah is frustrated, at least I wouldn’t be if I were her. Funny thing is that only yesterday, I thought about Jennifer Lopez. I noticed that she appears in almost every advertisement lately: Fiat, Gillette, Kohl’s, L’Oreal, her own fragrance. She was also a face for Spanish brand Tous and even appeared in Gucci commercials with her kids. Jennifer Lopez also has a strong social media following with 6.6 million on Twitter and 12 million on Facebook. She is the star-judge on American Idol and this weekend (18.05.2012) the long awaited movie “What To Expect When You Are Expecting” is coming out with J.Lo as one of the stars. I guess that Forbes’ journalist Dorothy Pomerantz couldn’t be more precise calling Jennifer Lopez “a state-of-the-art celebrity success story.”

Although Kim Kardashian earned far less than her top 10 celebrity peers, she definitely gained massive publicity with her wedding and divorce. I guess any publicity counts, even the bad one.

I think it is very useful to look at the lists like this one, because it inspires you to try harder and dream a little bit bigger. When I see that there are girls who can succeed in this world beyond my wildest imagination with their talent, hard work, a little bit of luck and other wits, it helps me to move forward and try a little bit harder. The other reason why I love “The Celebrity 100” list, is that these people earned their money and not inherited them. One more thing to admire and respect them for.

What about you, rich girls? Do you feel inspired by the success of other people?


Rich Girl

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