Wise people say, that as soon as you’ll find out what is it that are you really passionate about and have the guts to turn it into your career, then you will become happy, rich and successful. You are going to do it with all your heart and love and that is all that matters. Elina Daiquiri is the perfect example, she turned her make-up and body art from just being a hobby into her career and never looked back. Here is the interview with this interesting and creative girl.

Rich Girl: Hello, Elina! Thank you for finding time to answer to my questions!
Elina Daiquiri: Hi Rich Girl, my pleasure. Thank YOU for being interested :)

R.G.: I see you have an interesting name Elina Daiquiri! Is it real?
E.D.: Elina Daiquiri is my artistic name. I really love everything about strawberries and some time ago I got the nickname Miss Daiquiri because of the Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail. I really liked it and changed my name on Facebook. After a while I realized that everyone, including myself are so used to it, that I’ve decided to keep it as my artistic name. And also it suits well to my red hair color :)

professional make-up artist in marbella spain

Elina Daiquiri

R.G.: Elina, I was really amazed by your work! You are very creative and talented person! When did you realize that make-up and body art is something you want to do?
E.D.: Thank you! I really do like what I am doing. Over 9 years ago I enrolled in the image makers school, but after I finished it, I never had enough time to do it properly. I worked in different places and make-up was always only a hobby. But luckily when I moved to Marbella one of the local model agencies required my help in couple of their projects and that’s when I realized that make-up and body art is my true passion and that I should turn it into something more than just a hobby.

R.G.: I love when my make-up is done by a professional. I think that everyone should have their personal make-up artist on a speed dial :) When do you think girls should trust their face to a professional and not try to apply their make-up themselves?
E.D.: I completely agree with you about the professional make-up. It`s really nice and comfortable to have your make-up done by a professional. First of all, you don`t have to worry about doing it yourself – just relax and trust. Second, it`s always interesting how the artist sees and imagines you and how she/he highlights the beauty of your face. I think that`s why it is so special and exciting to let the professional do his job. Also, each of us is very different and sometimes it is hard to know what really fits you and what doesn’t – that`s why it is always helpful to work with a professional and get her/his advice.

R.G.: Do you think girls should have professional make-up when they go to Champagne spray parties here in Marbella or when they enjoy a ride on a yacht?
E.D.:Talking about Champagne Spray Parties – yes, they are crazily fun! And all the girls who attends them want to look perfect and sexy. All the beach club parties are exactly the right place to be original and stand out: to dress sexy, be in a good mood, to have a special make-up and maybe even some nice body painting. It’s all about having fun and be young and beautiful.
Yacht to my mind, is gonna be more for sunbathing and chill out, so it is not very necessary to wear a special make-up. Water resistant mascara and some shiny lip gloss will make you look very natural and sexy.

body art mermaid on the girls back

R.G.: Body art is something which I only see during different shows on models. Do regular people order a body art? Where they usually go with it?
E.D.: True, a body art is an art on all the body and mostly it is made by a special order for a specific event. It wouldn’t be very comfortable to go clubbing with it, as it might come off. :) That’s why regular people usually don`t ask me for a body art, but I would be happy to paint trikini for free to the first interested brave girl ;)

R.G.: During summer here in Marbella there are a lot of so called Hen Parties, when girlfriends of a bride-to-be dress up in different costumes and go crazy in clubs around Puerto Banus. Every such girl-group wants to stand out from the rest. Can you share some ideas on how with the help of professionally applied make-up or even body art these girls can be different from the rest of the “hens”?
E.D.: Hen Party is a very special event for every girl who get`s married and her friends, because it is such a great opportunity to come together and have fun! Although, there are a lot of “hens” in Puerto Banus, but I haven`t seen original ones. My quick idea at the moment would be the following: girls wear, for example, a make-up that looks like a flower – nicely done eyes and painted flower on the cheek or neck or decollete with a real flower leaves glued with a special body glue to the skin. Dress – of course colorful and romantic. Also very modern and sexy looking are glued crystals – grabs everyone’s attention ;) believe me – I’ve tested it on myself. Body art for a hen party would be an original gift to the main Hen for a photo shoot, for example.

R.G.: Tell us about the projects you are most proud of. Why?
E.D.: I am very proud of my last two projects here in Marbella. The first one is the make-up I did for a music video for the singer from Ireland – Carol Anthony. The video shooting for the song “Dance Like That” by Havana was a great chance for me to realize my real passion for make-up and body painting. Those two days in March 2011 were the most interesting days in my artistic career. I am really looking forward to do it again. I have to say that the video turned out to be very good and in just one month it reached over 85 000 views on YouTube.
The second project I am proud of is the body art I did for the Magazine FOC. It was a spider theme, so I made a spider web and half of the body painted as spider web too. It takes a lot of time, that`s why we did just half a body.
Both of those projects were physically hard and exhausting, but I worked with such passion and really enjoyed it.

spider web body art for FOC magazine

R.G.: If you had an opportunity to work with any celebrity in the world, who would it be? Why?
E.D.: It is a very hard question, because I like many actors and singers. I am always interested in what kind of make-up performers wear on stage. And it would be a pleasure to do make-up for any of them. But I would do anything for a possibility to work with Catherine Zeta-Jones, because of her mysterious personality and something special in her eyes AND with Lady GaGa – she gets all my respect because of her stage image and a hard working character.

R.G.: What are your creative plans for the nearest future?
E.D.: My creative plans? ;) Would you like to be my model for a body art with crystals? ;))

R.G.: Oh, my! :) Well, we can definitely talk about it. Should I be naked for this?! just kidding :) How would you define success and can you call yourself a success? If not, what do you need to achieve to feel that way?
E.D.: I think that success is when you are doing what you are passionate about! But I also know that in order to be successful in make-up and body art you should practice and study endlessly and follow all the latest news and trends in fashion, art and techniques. I am always studying and trying out new things and approaches, to make my clients happy and beautiful. For me success is a never ending process.

body art professional at work applying body art

R.G.: What would be your advice for girls who want to follow their dreams and start their own business?
E.D.: Everything is possible! If you want it, if you love it, don`t wait for a right moment – GO AND GET IT! Find the instruments and use them. The beginning always is a little bit difficult, but don`t stop – just believe in yourself! And remember – the passion!

R.G.: How long have you been living in Marbella? What do you like the most about Marbella?
E.D.: Beginning of the August this year was my 2 years anniversary since I moved to Marbella. Not long, but enough to understand what is what. Mainly I like the nature here – same day you can climb the mountain and go to look for dolphins in the sea. Where else in Europe can you do that? :) Marbella is a place where it is possible to meet so many different international people from all over the world. Who is real and who is not – that is another question.

evening make-up by professional make-up artist in marbella

R.G.: Do you love shopping? What are your favorite brands?
E.D.: Haha :) Show me the girl who doesn’t love shopping! It is the best part of the day! Always works against the bad mood! ALWAYS!
I do love Custo Barcelona clothes. The colorful wearing really fits me and expresses my true self. Also Guess – is my old true love :) Mostly i like shopping on e-bay, so American brand Baby Phat and Victoria’s Secret are ones of my favorites.

R.G.: And the last question: give us your definition of Rich Girl.
E.D.: RICH GIRL- means a positive, lively, happy girl who knows her value in this life. She is always informed about news in fashion. She has loyalty cards in her favorite shops and gym AND she has her best friends who are always ready to join her for a nice dinner at a restaurant. Besides she has a job she likes, she always looks good and she is well educated to talk about different subjects. This is a Rich Girl – smart, positive, successful woman :)

R.G.: Thank you so much for such an interesting interview! Elina, how the girls will be able to contact you, if they are interested in make-up or body art?
E.D.: Thank you, Rich Girl! It was a pleasure. Girls can always contact me by phone, my number in Spain is +34 622556004 or by e-mail: stylestarsstudio@gmail.com. We can meet at my place, at a beauty salon or I can travel to almost anywhere along the coast.

So, rich girls, what do you think about the interview? If you have some more questions to ask Elina, feel free to post them in the comments below and she will be happy to answer them too.


Rich Girl

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