Ok, rich girls, how much money do you usually spend on your hair monthly? Count in everything, starting with all your treatments, vitamins, oils, coloring, trimming and up-dos for special events. Is it close to $92 000 per month? If your answer is no, than you can relax and stop being guilty for spending what you think is a fortune on your hair, as you still have a long way to go to match Rihanna’s spending. Yes, according to CelebTV.com, Rihanna spends around $23 000 a week on her hair.

Of course, Rihanna is a star and she needs to be interesting and keep her fans intrigued by her new hair styles and looks, but just think of it – $23K per week on hair! I love it! :) I am also happy for her celebrity hairstylist and new image beauty expert Ursula Stephen, who managed to come up with so many creative and innovative hair style ideas.

The only concern I have, is what really happens to Rihanna’s hair after all these radical transitions from one color to another? There must be some kind of secret magic hair product which prevents her hair from falling off.

Spend your money with chic, rich girls! :)


Rich Girl

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