Fashion blogging is one of the major trends online at the moment. And if done properly and with passion, it usually brings fame and recognition to the owners of such blog. For example, Swedish retail giant H&M after successful collaboration line with Lanvin will now launch a line designed by a fashion blogger in February!

Yes, fashion blogging is popular, but not everyone can do it in such unique and tasteful manner, as the owner of a wonderful blog I have recently found – Coco & Vera. The moment I stumbled upon this blog, I felt that I have found something special and I just wanted to share it with you. Please meet Cee, the girl behind Coco & Vera!

Rich Girl: Hi, Cee! Thank you for finding time to talk to Rich Girls Club! In order for us to know you better, please name 5 words/things that best describe you.

Cee: Two words that best describe me are focused and determined. It sometimes takes me some time to decide what I want to do, but once I do know, there is nothing I won’t do to achieve what I want. I would describe my style as classic, sophisticated and elegant; I’m not the type of girl who tries every trend, but I’m not shy about experimenting with things that aren’t trendy if I think they fit my style.

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Rich Girl: How does the idea of creating Coco & Vera came up? Who and what inspired you to have your own website? Tell us more about it.

Cee: I’ve always loved fashion, and I have a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing. When I first stumbled upon a fashion blog, I realised that starting my own would be the perfect way to combine my two passions. It took another six months for me to work up the courage to do it, though; the idea of putting my style out there for the world to see- and possibly criticise- was terrifying. Since I finally decided to take the plunge, though, the experience has been nothing but positive.

Rich Girl: When I first stumbled upon your blog, I was amazed by the amount of high quality pictures of you in different outfits! Who is behind the camera and how do you always come up with new ideas for your outfits?

Cee: My husband is my photographer, and in that respect I’m very spoiled as a blogger- I think most girls take their own shots using a tripod and timer! My husband trained in photography at school and works part-time as a photographer (although now he mostly works for me! He does have his own blog) He shoots on a Nikon D300S, which takes just fabulous photos. As far as outfits are concerned, I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, and also from fashion magazines- InStyle is my favourite. But my ideas mainly come from trying to remix what is already in my closet- fashion is more about working with what you have than always having something new.

Rich Girl: How do you picture yourself and your blog Coco & Vera in 3 years time?

Cee: In some ways I just hope that Coco & Vera is still holding readers’ interest in three years time! Honestly, though, I would love for my work on my blog to eventually transition into a career in the fashion industry, possibly writing a column for a magazine or newspaper.

Rich Girl: On your blog you made the Resolution for 2011, tell us more about it. Have you decided how you gonna reward yourself in the end of 2011 for keeping it?

Cee: This December, I bought Christian Dior’s book, The Little Dictionary of Fashion. Reading it, I assumed it had been written in the early 1900s, the text seemed so dated… but it turns out it was published in 1954! How we have gone from wearing hats, gloves and afternoon frocks to yoga pants and hoodies in less than sixty years is baffling. I believe that fashion is about everything but being physically comfortable, so I decided to give up the item of clothing that I usually wear for comfort: denim. I make sure I keep my resolution, I gave away all of my jeans. At the end of the year, I’ll take all of the money that I saved not buying denim and put it towards something nice, like a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.

Rich Girl: If you had all the money in the world what 3 shoe designer brands would be dominating your closet? Why?

Cee: The first one is easy: Christian Louboutin. It sounds cliché, but I recently had a chance to wear a pair for the first time and not only do they look stunning, they are also amazingly comfortable! I also love Repetto; they’re a dance shoe company that has branched out into fashion footwear and handbags. Their shoes are very ballerina chic, and designed for maximum comfort. And finally, I would have to choose Chanel. Because if I had all the money in the world, almost everything I bought would be from Chanel.

Rich Girl: Who are your most favorite fashion designers?

Cee: It’s really hard to narrow this down. Based on my answer to the last question, you know that I love Chanel. But I also love the girly glamour of Marchesa; the quirky whimsy of Marc by Marc Jacobs; the classic elegance of Miu Miu and the sleek simplicity of Chloe. As far as designer personalities are concerned, I really admire Miuccia Prada; she’s a strong woman who doesn’t mince words, and very witty, too!

Rich Girl: Is there any celebrities whose style you like the most?

Cee: When I was in ninth grade, one of my teachers told me I looked like Audrey Hepburn. I knew that was an incredible compliment but didn’t really know why, so I started investigating and found I really loved Audrey’s style, especially her proclivity from boat-neck dresses. Currently, I love Marion Cotillard, because she isn’t afraid to take risks with fashion and wear things that others wouldn’t dare, lest they end up on a ‘worst dressed’ list. She never looks the same twice, but she never fails to look amazing!

Rich Girl: How would you define success and can you call yourself a success? If not, what do you need to achieve to feel that way?

Cee: Coco and Vera has done very well so far, but it is only in its seventh month. I’ve been lucky to be successful thus far, but that doesn’t mean that I can become complacent… To remain successful, I know I have to keep working hard. I still have one big dream that I have yet to achieve, and that is moving to Paris. If I’m one day writing Coco and Vera from an apartment in Montmartre, I will have achieved everything I ever wanted.

Rich Girl: What advice do you have for those who want to start their own business or blog?

Cee: The same things don’t work for everyone when they start a blog, but I can say for sure that the more work you put into something, the more you’ll get out of it. I started blogging in June, but I only started taking it seriously in October. Since October, my blog has grown exponentially more quickly, and I know that is a direct reflection of my hard work. If you want to succeed, you have to want it; and if you want it, you have to work for it. Study other people who are successful to see what they’ve done and take inspiration from them, but remain fundamentally yourself; people are attracted to unique voices and points of view. If you can do those two things, the rest will come naturally.

Rich Girl: And the last question: give us your definition of Rich Girl.

Cee: To me, the idea of being rich has infinitely more to do with your quality of life than with how much money you have. If you’re happy and you have a passion for something; people you love who love you back and the freedom to indulge yourself in your favourite treats, whether its lattes or lipstick, then you’re rich.

Rich Girl: Thank you, Cee, for this wonderful interview! I wish your dream of blogging from your apartment in Montmartre will come true very soon! Good luck!

I really enjoyed this interview with Cee, what about you, girls?! If you loved this interview, I suggest you visit Cee’s blog Coco & Vera.

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