Shakira, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and the list goes on and on and on, these are the Latin women, who have concurred the world and won the hearts of almost all men and admiration of women from all over the world.

Now meet Isabel Lopez – the owner of the blog Miss where each and every post is made with the “Latin Touch”. Isabel was really kind to find time to answer to our questions and now you have a chance to fall under the spell of yet another Latin Goddess who now lives and maintains her unique and cheerful blog in Sweden.

Rich Girl: Hi, Isabel! Thank you for finding time to talk to Rich Girls Club! Tell us 3 things that best describe you.

Isabel: Hi! Well, 3 things about me: I am very creative, positive and social as I love people.

Rich Girl: You are originally from Madrid, Spain. Why you decided to leave your home country and move to Sweden?

Isabel: I love being international and meeting new people and cultures. I think you learn a lot of it. I have always liked countries like UK, USA and Northern Europe, but the reason why I moved to Sweden is because I have met a Swede in Spain where I come from.

By the way, I am both from A Coruсa, Galicia where I was born in the north of Spain and Madrid where I have most of my family.

Rich Girl: I know that a lot of people are afraid to change their life completely by moving to another country where they don’t know the language and have no friends. What do you think are the most exciting things about being an expatriate and make it worth taking the risk?

Isabel: I am an very adventurous woman, kind of risk taker in a good way. I love the challenge too, itґs part of life, I think. If you donґt try or take the risk, you wonґt win or learn anything new.

Maria Isabel Lopez owner of Miss Lopez blog

Maria Isabel Lopez

Rich Girl: I really love the slogan of your website: “Feelgood Womanhood”. How does the idea of creating Miss Lopez came up? Who and what inspired you to have your own website? Tell us more about it.

Isabel: Thank You. Well, it has been a process, like most things in life. Living in another country gave me the inspiration as I have always felt the need to show to the world who I am, my ideas and where I come from. I am very happy to have my own blog as itґs a big source of inspiration to me and others. Actually Miss Lopez itґs my own idea from the start and then I received feedback from different people that helped me to polish my idea and find my own way. “Feelgood Womanhood” expresses what I want to share with women all over the world.

I also love writing and the possibility of getting feedback from people makes me feel good! I think this is the most important: Life is to feel good getting the best things in life, finding balance yourself and make others feel good as well.

Rich Girl: You call your website “blog-magazine with a “Latin Touch””, what does it really mean? How would you describe Latin women in a whole?

Isabel: It means that itґs not just about my life. Miss Lopez is a concept: Feelgood Womanhood, so other women also can express themselves in my blog and not only Latin, all women. I focus on the Latin touch, because I am Latin from Spain and I think the whole Latin culture and its lifestyle has so much to offer to the world in order to feel good and cheer up others. A Latin touch will cheer you up!

Rich Girl: How do you picture yourself and your site Miss Lopez in 3 years time?

Isabel: Time will show. I see a prosperous future for the company, I want to be well known internationally. I want to make a difference in women life and attitude and I am looking for the right sponsors at the moment. I believe in my idea and I am thankful so whatever happens it has to be good. Just blogging itself is so good for me and already to many others. I see the positive is coming.

Rich Girl: Is there any celebrities whose style you like the most?

Isabel: I like Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez.

Rich Girl: How would you define success and can you call yourself a success? If not, what do you need to achieve to feel that way?

Isabel: Success to me is feeling good when working on achieving your goals. If it makes you feel good, then you are on the right track. I am working on it at the moment and I feel I am on the right way. Itґs also important to appreciate what you have already achieved. Success is in your mind and attitude!

Rich Girl: What advice do you have for those who want to start their own business or a blog?

Isabel: My advice is to ask yourself the reason why you think about starting a blog or a business. If you want to do it just for yourself as a hobby or for a business, etc… Blogging and starting a company takes a lot of time of your life and it needs a lot of dedication if you want to do it right. If you are willing to do it with all your heart, just do it!

Rich Girl: And the last question: give us your definition of Rich Girl.

Isabel: For me a Rich girl is a girl who enjoys the good things life has to offer. A woman that has a lot to give in all ways. Someone generous to herself and others that knows how to enjoy life and feel good! Feelgood Womanhood!

Rich Girl: Thank you, Isabel, for such interesting interview! Good luck and keep on posting!

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