The year 2011 was full of wonderful moments. A lot of good and bad things have happened in the world during this year, but as always we are not going to concentrate on the bad things. I have decided to remember only the good things and make the list of those celebrity girls, for whom (to my mind) this year was the most successful and unforgettable. Let’s celebrate those inspiring rich girls, who set high standards, never stop surprising us and manage to achieve great results.

So, who were the most outstanding celebrity girls of 2011? It was really hard to choose only 11 celebrity girls, because there are so much more high achievers, but rules are rules. I have selected 11 girls based on one of the following criteria: outstanding achievements, buzz, life changing experience and inspiration.

Some of the girls in this list will match all the criteria, some may only match one, but nonetheless they all have earned the right to be on the list.

1 – Kate Middleton now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

kate middleton royal wedding day princess

The Royal Wedding was definitely the most beautiful and romantic event of the year and Catherine was the ultimate star! I think that Kate Middleton is the most successful girls of 2011, because she managed to marry the prince! Sometimes all it takes is to marry the right guy, after that your life is a complete fairy tale.

2 – Adele

adele 21 album cover

Adele experienced breathtaking rise to fame in 2011. Her single “Someone Like You” became a number one hit around the world and the album “21” topped the charts in 18 countries including the United States. Adele’s “21” was also last year’s biggest selling digital album.

There are a lot of things that I like about Adele: her voice, her songs and the fact that she doesn’t look like most of the stars. She is unique in every possible way and I hope she will continue make us happy or sad with her new songs. My personal favorite Adele’s song is “Rolling in the Deep” and I first heard and loved it in the “Gossip Girl” – Bar Mitzvah episode. This song suited perfectly Chuck and Blair’s romance!

3 – Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham receiving the fashion award

It was a very successful year for Victoria Beckham both family and career wise. She welcomed her beautiful baby daughter Harper Seven into the family and won the “Designer Brand of the Year” at the “2011 British Fashion Awards”, beating Stella McCartney, Tom Ford and Burberry. I was writing about Victoria Beckham earlier this year, as she is a very inspiring rich girl.

4 – Rihanna

rihanna with a short bob hairstyle

In 2011 Rihanna achieved a lot and this year was really amazing for her. She received Grammy Award (Dance Recording), Billboard Award (Female Artist of the Year), Brit (International Female Artist of the Year) Award, American Music Award (Favorite R&B Album), BET award (Best Female R&B Artist) in just one year! Her album “Loud” sold over 6,000,000 copies internationally, she sold more than 47 million digital tracks in 2011, which puts her ahead of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Beyonce, her “Loud” tour was the 7th top grossing world tour in 2011 and the list of Rihanna’s achievements this year can go on and on. I just listed the most inspiring ones. And don’t forget that Rihanna is only 23 years old!

5 – Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian sexy eye makeup and amazing hairstyle

Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous and as far as I am concerned she is good at it. She spent over 10 million dollars on a wedding, ordered three amazing wedding dresses from Vera Wang only to file for divorce in just 72 days of marriage. Well, she made headlines this year and people were actually interested in all her wedding preparations, the dream wedding and the divorce drama. According to Google Zeitgeist 2011, Kim Kardashian wedding was most popular search in weddings category within the United States. Even the Royal wedding was left behind, on the 2nd place. I think that only Kim Kardashian could pull this off and although she is not a great role model she deserves a place in our top for constantly finding new ways to be in a spot light.

6 – Natalie Portman

natalie portman with the oscar academy award winner

I bet that 2011 will be the year which Natalie Portman will look back to and say: “This year was the most amazing of all!” I hope that she will have a lot more successful years in the future, but 2011 was really the year to remember. Natalie Portman won the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, Independent Spirit Awards, and the BAFTA Award for her lead performance as Nina Sayers in “Black Swan”. But 2011 was also unforgettable, because Natalie gave birth to her first child, a son named Aleph Portman-Millepied.

7 – Charlene Wittstock, now Charlene, Princess of Monaco

princess of Monaco Charlene

A girl from South Africa marrying into one of Europe’s oldest royal families, isn’t it a true fairy tale? And even though the wedding was clouded by suggestions that Charlene almost became a runaway bride after she found out about Prince Albert’s private life, the event turned out to be grand and beautiful. Maybe not as hugely discussed and viewed as the Royal Wedding of Catherine and William, but still breathtaking. And I actually loved Charlene’s wedding dress better.

8 – Pippa Middleton

pippa middleton during royal wedding in famous white dress

One girl which woke up famous this year was Pippa Middleton. After she rocked that white dress by Sarah Burton at her sister’s Royal Wedding, she skyrocketed to fame. Guys love her, girls want to copy her body parts and the way she dresses and Pippa is just enjoying her invitations to all the glamorous parties and probably is writing a book. Yes, Pippa Middleton is said to be close to signing a book deal on how to be the perfect party hostess. Well, it is definitely good to have a famous sister.

9 – Beyoncé

beyonce with sexy curly hairstyle

She is a great singer and beautiful woman, she is inspiration for all of us. This year all the fans were happy to hear the good news, that the power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z is expecting their first child. Her pregnancy announcement had broken the “most tweets per second recorded for a single event” Twitter record, receiving 8,868 tweets per second.

But somehow these amazing news were spoiled by the allegations that Beyonce is not actually pregnant and is wearing a special pillow to look pregnant, that a surrogate is doing the actual job. I still don’t know whether it is true or not. I hope she is pregnant for real, because I can see no reason why would she fake her pregnancy or turn to surrogate at this young age. Anyway, Beyonce is a star and she can do whatever she wants. I like what she said in one of her videos: “I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world.”

10 – Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston with new short hairstyle

Everyone wants to believe in true relationships and happy mutual love. This year we had a chance to feel happy for Jennifer as it seems that she has finally found her Mr. Right! Jennifer Aniston radiated happiness all year, thank you Justin Theroux :) Her new haircut this year also made people talk. According to Google Zeitgeist 2011 Jennifer Aniston haircut was number 2 most popular search in haircuts category, just a little bit behind Justin Bieber’s haircut and way ahead of Emma Watson, Selena Gomez and Diana Agron haircuts.

Also, I really loved her this year in “Horrible Bosses”.

11 – Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson before and after weight loss

Jennifer Hudson lost 80 lbs and turned into a completely different person. This year she was shining on different events, in amazing tight outfits and said that she now looks and feels 10 years younger. I have added Jennifer to the list of 11 most successful and inspiring rich girls of 2011 because she is not only talented singer and Academy Award winner and a mother of a gorgeous kid, but she also managed to turn her life around and become more healthy and confident. If she could do it, we all can do it! Let’s be healthier and happier in 2012!

So, here is the list of 11 rich girls who, to my mind, were having a blast in 2011. Of course some of you may disagree with this list and I would really want to hear that :) Please share your opinion in the comments below.

The reason I wanted to create this list in the first place, is to inspire you to make the year 2012 to remember! Set yourself high standards, targets and goals this year! You can do anything! Dream big and act on it!

Let the 2012 be the most successful of all years! And who knows, maybe at the beginning of 2013 there will be your name on my list!


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