I hope that each and everyone of you is having a very special time with your family or friends this Christmas. This year I had a wonderful celebration with my friends. We had so much fun and plenty of amazing food. I still can’t breathe after the amount of food I ate this Christmas. The good thing is that I already know what my New Years resolution will be: LOSE WEIGHT!!! :) Well, this will only hopefully happen next year, but now I can still enjoy my favorite food.

I love winter Holidays, everyone is happy, exchange gifts, reflect on the great things that had happened this year and hope for even better year to come!

I want to thank you all for being the part of Rich Girl’s Club in 2011! Without you, this wouldn’t be fun! :) Thank you for your support and love! I felt it throughout the year and it gave me inspiration for new exciting posts. I am really happy that we have been together in 2011 and I hope you will enjoy Rich Girls Club even more in 2012!

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New 2012 Year!

And here is my Christmas Greeting card to you! :)

rich girl christmas greeting card new year celebration wish


Rich Girl

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