I was watching the latest episode of Gossip Girls today and was surprised to see Vera Wang there. Blair and Dan were visiting Vera Wang’s boutique on Madison Avenue for the wedding dress fitting and Vera Wang herself came to assist them.

It was nice to get inside the Vera Wang boutique, since I haven’t been there yet. Also I was surprised to see that the designer is a such tiny lady. They say that TV adds like 10 pounds to your appearance, well I just imagine how Vera Wang looks in real life.

vera wang leighton meester penn badgley on the set of gossip girl

Other than Vera Wang’s appearance, the latest Gossip Girl episode was a little bit sad to watch. I can’t stand how the writers are torturing pure Chuck and Blair, sometimes even without a common sense. One more thing that I noticed is that the parties on Gossip Girl are not too exciting anymore, like they used to be in the beginning when the show just started. In this episode they are celebrating New Year at Nate’s office, how lame is that?

Anyway, I am really waiting for the Wedding episode, which will also be the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, to be something special and spectacular, although I still want Chuck and Blair be together. Let’s wait and see.

Girls, what do you think about Gossip Girl? Are you watching it?


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