So girls, what do you think about the Golden Globe Awards this year? Have all your favorite actresses and actors win? I am really sad for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, it seems like they will never be able to win anything. They are both great actors, but somehow every time they are nominated for an award there is always someone better in the same category. Like George Clooney, for example :) I love Clooney, but I wanted for Brad or Leo to win this time. Well, there is always hope for the Oscars.

Anyway, I think that the show was great and everyone received honestly deserved prizes. I was particularly happy for the “Modern Family”, because I love this show! But what I really want to talk about is the red carpet and the dresses. To tell you the truth, at first I was a little bit disappointed with the dresses that our beloved celebrities have chosen for the awards’ red carpet. I thought that some of the dresses were plain boring and some were just stupid, but as I was looking at the same pictures again and again, I started to get some of the dresses and even liked a few.

Here is my “Top 11 Best Golden Globe 2012 Celebrity Red Carpet Dresses”

11 – Zooey Deschanel in Prada

I loved this dress because of the interesting top and dramatic back. I have never seen green and black look so organically together.

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet zooey deschanel in prada dress

10 – Jessica Alba in Gucci

The dress all by itself maybe is not something extraordinary, but it looks great on Jessica Alba. I just wonder what would not look great on Alba? She is gorgeous.

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet jessica alba in gucci dress

9 – Jenna Dewan in Maria Lucia Hohan

I love the color, the top and the back of this dress. All in all it works great for Jenna, although if there were a lot of other amazing dresses on the red carpet I probably wouldn’t pick this one at all.

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet jenna dewan in maria lucia hohan

8 – Emma Stone in Lanvin

I loved the dress, chosen by Emma, it looked great on her. What I would suggest her for the next red carpet event is to review her makeup. I think she overdone her eyes a little bit too much.

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet emma stone in lanvin dress

7 – Viola Davis in Pucci

Viola Davis looked stunning and elegant in this Pucci dress. I don’t know what the color is called exactly, but it looks wonderful on Viola!

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet viola davis in pucci

6 – Claire Danes in J.Mendel

This J.Mendel dress was an excellent choice for Claire Danes. I loved the dramatic back and black and white color combination.

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet claire danes

The above listed dresses were elegant and beautiful, but to my mind a little bit too simple for such a grand event as Golden Globe Award ceremony. These dresses would be absolutely amazing choices for attending a wedding, but to stand out on a red carpet you need to try harder and therefore here is my Top 5 Best Dresses. I won’t even explain why I love these dresses the most. What I just want to say is that dress can be beautiful or amazing all by itself, but it is the girl that makes the dress look spectacular!

5 – Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet sofia vergara in vera wang

4 – Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet evan rachel wood gucci dress

3 – Lea Michele in Marchesa

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet lea michele marchesa dress

2 – Diana Argon in Giles

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet diana agron in giles

1 – Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet angelina jolie in atelier versace

And while Angelina Jolie was the ultimate star on the red carpet, there were also 3 more dresses that are worth mentioning:

Paris Hilton at the Golden Globe Awards 2012 after party:

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet paris hilton at the after party

Kim Kardashian in Bruce Oldfield dress:

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet kim kardashian in bruce oldfield

Miranda Kerr in Dolce & Gabbana

golden globe awards 2012 red carpet miranda kerr in dolce & gabbana

Now I have mentioned everyone I liked :) Although I still think that the dresses that I have chosen for this event myself, were much more amazing than the ones chosen by celebrities. There, I said it! :)

So, rich girls, what do you think about the dresses? Did you like or hate something in particular? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!


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