Yesterday, on the 15th of January 2011, during the 90th Anniversary of the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas Miss Nebraska 2010 Teresa Scanlan was crowned Miss America 2011.

Along with the title of Miss America 2011, Teresa won a $50,000 scholarship sponsored by Artistry exclusively by Amway to continue her education. Teresa’s scholastic ambition is to attend law school and to become a judge and eventually a politician.

During her year of service as Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan will travel approximately 20,000 miles each month across the USA speaking to audiences about her platform of Eating Disorders: A Generation at Risk, and acting as the National Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In addition, Miss America 2011 will be the official spokesperson for Joseph Ribkoff International Clothing Company, who will provide Teresa with a full wardrobe for the year.

Teresa Scanlan Miss Nebraska 2010 Miss America 2011

Teresa Scanlan

Additional information about the Miss America Organization can be found at

I don’t know about you, girls, but I was always dreaming about becoming a Miss of anything! Unfortunately, this dream is not going to come true, the only hope I can have now is to win something in “Misses” pageants :) Anyway, I am really happy for Teresa Scanlan, as I think she will have amazing year full of adventures ahead of her.

miss america 2011 teresa scanlan miss nebraska

The only doubt I have is whether she will really continue her studies and make it to be the judge in the end. As far as I remember all girls, who have ever won any beauty pageants ended up in show business or married to Billionaires. Not a bad “career path” I suppose. I just don’t understand why girls, who are considered to be the most beautiful girls in the country need to pretend they are interested in “World Peace” and other stuff like that? If a girl wants to participate in a contest, where you are selected mostly because of your looks (and the girl is aware of the fact that she looks hot, otherwise she would never participate in the first place), why instead of just saying:”I am so good-looking and I want to be famous, and I want to be on the cover of the magazines and in the movies or TV and marry a rich guy!”, they need to come up with “World Peace!” kind of stuff? Just a thought.

What about you, rich girls? Have you ever considered participating in beauty contests? Why?


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