Rich Girls, I have very good news for you! A major cable network is now casting in LA and Orange Counties for the new show called “The Good Life”!

Everyone loves the good life — especially you! Maybe you live like a princess or maybe you only act like one; it matters not—point is, you deserve to be a princess! They are now searching for the most outrageous, over-the top ladies who are living large! Maybe you were born with a silver spoon or maybe everyone only thinks you were — either way, you’re A-List, baby! If your answer is “Yes” to at least 4 questions listed below, than you are the one for the “The Good Life” show!

  • Is your closet full of designer clothes and shoes that would make Imelda cry?
  • Do you carry your teacup Maltese as an accessory?
  • Do you live in an amazing home with maids, a chef, a personal assistant or a driver?
  • Is your job an intense social calendar and your hobby shopping at Gucci?
  • Are you on the cutting edge of every trend and don’t miss a beat when it comes to Hollywood gossip?
  • Do you live a lifestyle everyone envies?

You don’t shop sales, you don’t let rules get in the way of a good time and you love champagne! Your friends want to be you and you want to be famous. Attitude is everything — let’s show the world what its like to be you! To apply for the show go to:

Briefly, they are looking for women (over the age of 21) with big personalities, flashy jewelry, designer clothes, etc. that live a luxurious lifestyle. You don’t necessarily have to be trust fund babies (although they love ’em!), but you need to put out the image of that lifestyle and own it — think Paris Hilton style with a ‘don’t screw with me’ attitude!

I am now thinking of applying for this casting ;) who knows maybe this is my chance to become famous ;)

For more information, contact: 818.325.6918

To be considered, you must be over the age of 21.

Rich Girl

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