I love to watch Eurovision song contest, it is always so much fun to discuss the songs, the outfits and the actual performers. Also, it is even more fun to watch the voting process, to guess who will be winning and just wonder why people are voting for particular performer=country.
I always watch for Russia and Latvia in this contest. This year I was a little bit disappointed (not, actually major disappointed), because Latvia couldn’t even make it to the Finals and Russia, well had a not that amazing performer and the song was not that fun. And the contest was not that interesting as well. Majority of performers were singing like they are karaoke frequents, the other part was featuring violinists.
The ones I really liked and which were not too boring were: Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Armenia and Romania. I don’t know who will win, but somehow I get the feeling that the goth like girl from Germany will melt Europe’s heart. There is no explanation, but let’s see.
The other frustrating thing is that I didn’t like any dress in this contest. Usually I have at least three favorites, but this time none. Maybe just the corset of the girl from Armenia, it really highlighted her tits :) I would love that :) I think, actually men love this :)
Do you watch Eurovision song contest?

Update, can’t believe that Germany actually won the Eurovision song contest 2010!!! It is crazy! I don’t mind the next contest being held in Germany, but the winner is just… how to say, more than strange. She is the mix of goth, hooker and Amy Whinehouse. No offense, love them all, but separately. And what hurts me the most that  she didn’t even made an effort to look good. She had terrible and simple black dress, her make up was awful. She would be more than ok to perform on the school stage, but to win Eurovision?!!! Well, I guess I don’t understand something. Anyway, congratulations, Germany and Lena!! The one lesson I have learned is that winner can’t be judged!


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