Wedding season is in the full motion now and I already got two invitations. Two of my great and rich girls are getting married this July. I am very excited and happy for them, but now is the most interesting part – find the perfect DRESS! I am really glad that I am not one of the bridesmaids, because it is the most pathetic thing to be seen in the same dress as the other girls. Just think about it!! Girls will die if someone will turn up to the party in the similar dress, but they are actually very happy and excited to be a bridesmaid and wear these awful dresses on such major event like Wedding!! No thanks, I prefer to be unique and choose my own dress and look.
And I am also happy I am not the bride either, so there is no need to freak out about the perfect dress for the once in a lifetime moment and photographs which will be shown to my grandchildren (if I’ll have any). Still I am going to be among the guests, among the rich and gorgeous girls who will definitely make an effort to look their best, especially if they haven’t found the right guy yet. And you know, that Weddings and dinners at friends place are the best spots to find the right guy?! Not the clubs or pubs, c’mon girls! Another plus for Weddings and the right guys, is that this is actually the occasion when guys think about marriage. They look at the happy groom and beautiful bride and think:”Well, maybe it is time for me to stop fooling around and hook up with a nice girl.” And here you are, he is almost ready to tie the knot and you need to be 100% ready to catch him here at this particular moment, because if the next morning he will wake up alone with hangover he will think:”Fuck weddings! I am better on my own.” And that’s it, gone with the wind.

So, have you actually realized how crucial it is to look your best on your friends weddings? Also, if not counting the guys, there are a lot of mean girls hanging around who will be giving you those look overs! God, I hate those, they will not be satisfied with themselves ever and you don’t want to make them happy. You want them to try harder next time, you want them to be jealous, because in the end these girls are only capable of jealousy and nothing else. You are the Queen of the night (after the bride, of course, but she is too busy posing for photographs and talking to countless relatives).
Ok, so the dress. Did you actually know that there are special rules for dresses for weddings?! You can’t wear black and white, jeans, anything too sexy and revealing, and almost always it is black tie dress code. Of course your friends may plan a wonderful wedding in their back yard, but the majority of the weddings are black tie events, so dress appropriately.
So, I picked some dresses I really liked, it was hard because I love black dresses, but if you try hard you can still find what you like in different colors. So, my Rich Girl’s best dress picks for weddings are as follows:

Donna Karan

My first pick is this gorgeous red dress by Donna Karan. I am sure that this dress will guarantee you to be in the center of everyone’s attention. I love the color and the top of this dress. All in all it makes a perfect look of respectable and rich woman, not a girl I guess.

Donna Karan rich red evening dress

Carolina Herrera

My other favorite picks are ultimate feminine designs by Carolina Herrera. The moment I saw these pictures I fall in love with these dresses. Among these two beautiful dresses my favorite is purple one, it is soooo cute and has a character of a rich and flawless girl.

Evening sexy gown by Carolina Herrera

Rich Red evening long dress Carolina Herrera


Versace dresses are always super sexy! I loved these gold and yellow dresses for their deep slit which shows your leg when you are walking (remember Carrie’s dress from Sex and the City 2 when she went to dinner with Aidan). Can’t decide which one of these two spectacular dresses I love the most. These dresses are for Rich Girls who love to make an effective entrance! The moment you will walk in the room all conversations will be stopped.

Versace evening dress with a slit

Roberto Cavalli

I loved this Roberto Cavalli dress from the first sight. The great thing about this dress is that you can play with accessories and depending on what look you will choose this dress could be equally cool as evening gown as well as casual dress for vacation getaway. Loved this flower print.

Roberto Cavalli rich luxurious evening gown dress


I think this purple dress by Issa is ideal choice for weddings and other black tie events. Love the color and the design.

Rich girls purple evening gown by Issa

Notte by Marchesa

I love this dress by Marchesa, because of the color and the top of the dress. I think it is very interesting, but not sure that you will be able to stand out of the crowd and attract a lot of hungry men glances in this dress. Don’t even know why I think so, but dress itself is gorgeous.

Rich Blue evening gown Notte by Marchesa

Matthew Williamson

I picked this dress for my search for perfect dress for my rich girl’s wedding, because of it’s amazing print and interesting design. Not sure though that strapless top will look amazing on me. Need to try it on to be 100% sure.

Interesting rich print evening dress by Matthew Williamson


And now my cute, super sexy little dresses! I know that on weddings you have a dress code and you can’t show up in these see through dresses, but I soooo loved them, that decided to pick them for rehearsal dinners or for hen parties. They are so cool! I think the second black dress is a must have for every rich girl.

Luxurious Gucci cocktail dress perfect for rehearsal dinner and partiesGucci black cocktail dress ideal for parties and wedding rehearsal dinner, must have for all rich girlsSuper sexy Gucci black mini dress for Rich Girls

And yes, black spectacular, showy, sexy, impressive dress. Gucci – I love all your designs!! :) It’s a pity that this dress is black, it would definitely would be my number 1 choice!

Sexy black evening dress by Gucci

So, these are my picks. It was so hard to find these dresses and I know that it will be even harder to choose only two of them, but at least now I know what I want. Now I need to hand this list to my shopper and see what I will get in the end.

When I’ll get the dress I will search for shoes and handbag :) The search is never ending and pleasant.

I am looking forward to July and all the weddings. It will be so much fun!!
What about you?! Any cool wedding parties planned for this summer? What about the dresses? Did you like any of my picks or have you got your personal favorites to share with us?! Do not hesitate to leave your comments below!


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Pictures of these amazing dresses where taken from the following sites: