Pictures of the flooded New York and New Jersey as well as constant rain here in Spain. All of this made me think of the best ways how to stay dry and comfortable while enjoying strolls to closest supermarket and back in any kind of weather.

So, here are three things that you can’t live without if you want to enjoy rainy days:

1 – Trench Coat. First thing any girl should have in her closet for rainy weather is a trench coat. I love trench coats, maybe that’s why I have them in different colors, even yellow.


1. Honey Cotton Trench Coat by Burberry Brit

2. Helmut Lang – Lucid Trench Coat

3. Burberry London – Westland Trench Coat

Check out 2013 updated list of trench coats here >>

2. Rain Boots. Although rain boots are not super feminine and sexy, they are still the best 100% waterproof footwear you can find. You can walk in almost knee-high waters and still have warm and dry feet. I remember how I was walking in striped rubber boots almost all the time while I lived in Riga. I bet that some people thought I was crazy, but I couldn’t care less. I was the most happy person, as my feet were dry and my expensive shoes and boots were not spoiled by humidity.

Now there is a great variety of cool designer boots to choose from, so you can always be stylish, dry and warm.

Rain Boots

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Nylon Weather Boots

2. Hunter Boots Carnaby Snake Rain Boots

3. Charcoal Vanstone Smoked Check Bimaterial Rain Boots by Burberry

4. Rain Boots by FENDI

5. Albatross Rain Boots by Sperry Top-Sider

6. Innocent Rain Boots by Guess

7. Crocband by Crocs

8. Dolce & Gabbana – Lace Print Rain Boots

3 – Umbrella. And of course umbrella!! This necessary object that when left at home, there is 100% chance of rain, also should and must be stylish.

Cool designer umbrellas for rainy weather

1. Umbrella by Felix Rey

2. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Zora Stripe Umbrella

3. Adrienne Landau Leopard Print Umbrella

Barneys New York Polka-Dot Umbrella

So, these are my 3 must-haves for rainy weather. Do you have anything to add, girls? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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