What I always loved about Bond movies was the following: good action, beautiful ladies, breathtaking views, luxurious hotels, cool gadgets and of course, expensive cars. So, what from the above mentioned list we can see in the latest Bond movie – Skyfall? Nothing!! Literally, nothing! The movie was so boring, the story-line absolutely stupid, I almost fell asleep a couple of times and couldn’t wait till this torture was over.

Daniel Craig and Bérénice Marlohe

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There were no gripping action scenes, except for the chase in the very beginning. There were no cool gadgets, cars, hotels and if you expect to see exquisite Bond girl in a mind-blowing gowns, you should be satisfied with 10 seconds. That’s it! I was honestly expecting to see more of Bérénice Marlohe, especially after she was wearing such amazing dresses starting with Cannes Film Festival and all through promotional red carpet events around the world. Huge disappointment! By the way, anyone remembers when was the last time Bond girl was actually blonde? All the latest Bond girls have the same look about them. Blonde girls are not sexy enough anymore?

Anyway, if there was no Javier Bardem in this movie and Daniel Craig was not wearing Tom Ford suites, I don’t know what could possibly save this disaster of modern cinematography.

And yes, I don’t find Daniel Craig appealing as a James Bond. I think it is time to replace him with a younger, better, more talented and charismatic British actor. I already have my candidate: Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy

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So, rich girls, have you seen the Skyfall already? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below, maybe you will help me see something interesting in this movie.

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