Well, I am still wondering, why I watched “Oz The Great and Powerful”?! At least I have my excuses. Today was a rainy day and as there is nothing much to do in Marbella when it rains, but to go to the movies or SPA. I decided to try the movies. Well, here is the disappointment. Although there is a pretty good cinema in Puerto Banus, almost all the movies are dubbed in Spanish. As I don’t know Spanish good enough to be able to enjoy the movie, there is only one option for me, to see Original Versions. But the problem is that there is not a big choice of movies in English here. Just to give you example, latest Die Hard movie was here for 2 weeks. And this was just one movie in English!! So, as I don’t have a choice, but I do love going to the cinema, I watch anything they show.

Today there was “Oz The Great And Powerful”. What is wrong with the movie? Nothing much, it is just movie for kids. So if you don’t have kids, you will definitely be wondering what are you doing there. At least I did anyway. This is a nice fairy tale and, although I did enjoy “Oz” much more than the “Snow White and the Huntsman”, it is still not for adults.

oz the great and powerful movie poster

After all this being said, I want to admit that James Franco was amazing and super sexy as “Oz”. Mila Kunis is as foxy as always, at least in the first part of the movie, hehe. Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams were both wearing amazing dresses and looked stunning. And the whole movie is beautiful and colorful, just like a cartoon. So, if you do have kids, you would definitely enjoy “Oz The Great And Powerful”, well at least your kids will.

This was what I did this Saturday. The weather forecast for tomorrow is the same as today, so I will probably spend my Sunday reading a good book. Probably I should have did it today as well, instead of spending my time in the cinema.

What is your plan for this weekend, rich girls? Anything interesting and exciting planned?


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