Easter holidays are approaching fast, so I already started to look for some cute bunny shaped treats to buy for my friends and family. While browsing the web, I stumbled upon Harrods and spent like two hours there. It seems like they have the most adorable seasonal treats ever! Here is my selection of the cutest Easter cookies and chocolates from Harrods. They always have the most luxurious and delicious stuff. And Harrods’ packaging is always top-notch, which makes everything you buy there – the best present ever! So, I tried to collect all possible little special seasonal treats to please sophisticated young and old.

Edible Gingerbread Harrods

Family Easter Hunt Feast

Easter Chick Cookie

Easter Egg Cookie

Sweet Jelly White Chocolate Egg (270g)

Celebration of Chocolate

Nougat Filled Egg

I will make sure to add more delicious and luxurious treats from various online retailers to this list before Easter. I also want to search for some decoration ideas, so if you know any good resources and ideas, please do share with me. Have you started your seasonal gift shopping already, girls? What kind of presents or treats do you usually buy for Easter? Please share your opinion and ideas in the comments below.


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