Happy Halloween my dear rich girls and boys!! Have a lot of weird and scary fun today! :) I hope your costume and makeup will get a lot of attention and appreciation from your friends, family and passersby. You will definitely be making a lot of photos tonight, so let me know where should I look for them. In the comment section below please share the links to your Instagram profiles or blog articles, where you will post your Halloween outfit photos. I would love to see them all :)

I am not gonna be all crazy sexy or scary tonight, just a few tweaks and updates to my normal self. But anyway I am definitely going to a lot of different places tonight to be scared and drink some innocent blood, HAHAHAHA!

cute halloween diy crafts

Although, I am not gonna go all the way to scare the hell out of the whole Marbella, I will still go heavy on Halloween makeup. Check back RichClubgirl.com tomorrow if you are curious to see the result. Or follow me on Instagram: @travchenko Actually I am also curious to see what will I turn into :)


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this super cute photo was found here

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