Time flies so fast, that I haven’t even noticed how I missed last Wednesday and didn’t share my favorite 3 luxe things. Does it help that I have an excuse? I was in London this time last week :) Anyway, now I am ready to share absolutely adorable and amazing things that I have found online.

1. “Bearista Bear” Starbucks Tumbler by Alice + Olivia

bear tumbler designed by Stacey Bendet from Alice and Olivia for starbucks

The most adorable thing I love this Wednesday is a chic “Bearista Bear”, which wears Alice + Olivia designer striped dress, pearls, red shoes and flower cap. How cute is this? Designed exclusively for Starbucks by Stacey Bendet, founder and designer of Alice + Olivia, the limited edition Ceramic Tumbler and Bearista Bear (both items are priced around $20) will be available at Starbucks’ online shop on Friday Nov. 1, in Canadian locations on Saturday Nov. 2 and in U.S. stores on Nov. 12, 2013. I think it is a great idea for this Holiday season. I would definitely enjoy drinking my Caramel Macchiato from a striped tumbler with a skirt. What about you, girls?

2. Holiday Accessories Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette

karl lagerfeld cat accessories

Another cool luxe thing that I want to mention this Wednesday is a holiday capsule accessories collection created by Karl Lagerfeld in honor of his cat Choupette. The collection features leather black and white cat-shaped purses, gloves, scarves, iPad and iPhone cases and more. These cool things will be available from November 12, exclusively at Karl Lagerfeld stores. I think it could be a great Christmas gift idea for any cat-lover. Do you agree, girls?

3. Porsche Engine Cylinder as Suave Bottle Cooler

porsche engine cooler for wine and champagne

And finally, something less adorable, but still luxe and cool. How about Porsche Engine as a Bottle Cooler? Sounds awesome, right? I have seen an article about this exclusive bottle cooler on Luxurylaunches.com webiste and thought that it is a very unique and stylish gift idea for any Porsche fan and owner. Sculpted from an original ribbed cylinder taken out of an early air-cooled Porsche 911 models, this luxe bottle cooler will only cost £450 a piece (approximately $730).

So, these are my 3 luxe things that excite me this Wednesday. What do you think, rich girls? Do you like anything from this list? By the way, if you find any awesome things online, please share in the comments below or send me by email, so I can add it to my list next week.


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