I am getting into Halloween mood already, even though it is early October. I was browsing through various Halloween treats ideas today and made a conclusion that cupcakes are still the best way to go. Even though I have never baked cupcakes in my life, it is good to collect inspirational pictures on the Internet, so that you know what to order from professionals. I really admire girls, who can bake magnificent stuff, unfortunately I am not one of them. I don’t have so much patience and if I do bake something it will never look picture perfect. Better trust it to those who can and enjoy the process, right?

So, after I looked through millions of photos and ideas, I zeroed down to 10 scary, but adorable Halloween cupcakes which I liked the most. Here is my list:

1. Witch Hat Halloween Cupcakes

halloween cupcake in form of witch hat in black and frosting in orange

I love these cupcakes, because they are perfect for Halloween themed party and these treats are not gonna scare all the guests.

2. Cupcakes “Skeleton In a Hat”

Just look how adorable and just a little bit scary are these skeleton Halloween cupcakes! Absolutely love the idea and in case you are interested in making it yourself, here is the link to the recipe.

halloween cupcake in shape of a skeleton head in a hat with eyes and teeth

3. Vampire Teeth With Blood Drops

Well, these Halloween treats are scary, but it is a very smart idea. Love these tiny blood drops, hehe. Here is the recipe.

halloween cupcake with vampire teeth and blood drops

4. Adorable Ghosts Cupcakes

These are definitely my type of Halloween cupcakes – adorable and girlie Ghosts! How cool are these little treats! I already want one. Here is the recipe.

cute halloween cupcakes in shape of girls ghosts with bowties

5. Real Pumpkin Cupcake

This is like a 3D real pumpkin here. I just wonder how can you possible make this look so real.

halloween cupcake in a real shape of a pumpkin

6. Zombie Halloween Cupcakes

These are the most scariest cupcakes on my list. Do you want to try one? Hmm, not really! But looks super cool, right? Here is the recipe.

black halloween zombie cupcakes

7. Pumpkin Cupcakes

These Halloween treats are also in shape of the pumpkin, but a little bit easier to make, I suppose. Still very cute.

cute halloween treats in form of pumpkin cupcakes

8. Skeleton Cupcakes

These are one of the coolest Halloween cupcake ideas I have ever seen. Fell in love with those little adorable skeletons! Here is how to make these cupcakes.

halloween treats in form of scary skeleton cupcake

9. Glamorous Witch Hat Cupcakes

Look at these glam witch hats, they even sparkle! By the way this recipe is by the same girl as the previous skeleton cupcakes. This girl is a genius! You can find a lot of interesting stuff on her website.

halloween treats in shape of glamorous and glittering witch hats

10. Halloween Blondie Cupcakes

Another great idea – Halloween blondie cupcakes. The way Sheryl from LadyBehindTheCurtain.com describes them: “These blondie cupcakes are full of cashews, butterscotch chips and toffee bits!” OMG, I want them now! Right this moment! :) Here is the recipe.

halloween treats in shape of blondie cupcakes with ghosts and pumpkin

So, these are my top 10 Halloween treats in a shape of cupcakes. Now you understand why I can’t wait for Halloween! :) How are you going to celebrate? Did you like any of these cupcakes? Please share you opinion in the comments below.


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