Yahooo! :) I made it – I finally overcame my shy personality and recorded my first ever video. I am so proud of myself! :)

To tell you the truth it was way much harder than I expected, so I want to show my respect to all Youtube vloggers, who can make so many interesting videos! You are great, guys!  :)

I filmed about 25 videos till I finally was more or less satisfied with one which I now posted here. I also registered Youtube channel for Rich Girl’s Club, if you are interested you are welcome to check it out and subscribe or leave a comment there:

I want to make a lot of new videos and I am very excited about it :) It is so true, that if you want to do something really big, you need to at least start making little but consistent steps towards your goal and one day you will reach it!

My goal is to make Rich Girl’s Club popular all over the Internet and attract new club members and contributors!  I would be so grateful if you could help me! ;)

So, here is the video, enjoy: Rich Girls first ever video


Rich Girl

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