After bitter disappointment with the Golden Globe 2013 red carpet looks, the next big thing that struck me was Lena Dunham. I was so overwhelmed that even decided to write this article (and taking into account my busy schedule and lazy ass, this is something). First of all, let me tell you why I watch Golden Globe Awards. I watch it not only for celebrity dresses, but also to discover new tv-series and movies. This way I found out about (loved ever since) “Modern Family”, “Downton Abbey” and “Mad Men”. This year I will probably give “Homeland” a try, but definitely not “Girls”, even though I love comedy shows and this won the Golden Globe. And the reason why I am not gonna watch it is the writer, producer and the star of this show – Lena Dunham.

lena dunham oscar de la renta dress at golden globes red carpet 2013

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So, here is why I didn’t like Lena on Golden Globes and why you shouldn’t be like her:

1. Well, first of all there is only one person you should be and it’s you! :o) Don’t try to copy anyone, better be yourself. A lot of people can inspire you, but you should still be yourself.

2. Tattoos are so last season! I know that everyone in the moment of weakness can run to the tattoo salon and make something to regret later. But you should definitely know better that branding your body for life is cheap. Even Megan Fox is getting rid of her Marilyn Monroe tattoo, although it will take her long time and is very painful. So, girls, if you already have tattoos, then you are reading this too late. But if you are only planning to have them – think twice. Whatever message you want to write on your body it is so not worth it.

lena dunhan tattos with evening gown at golden globes

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3. Never wear your tattoos with the evening gown. If you have tattoos in the visible places on your body make sure you cover them with makeup or choose appropriate dress that hides them. Especially if you are going to the award ceremony or a wedding. Call me old-fashioned but tattoos and evening gowns don’t blend. Even Angelina Jolie knows that.

4. Before wearing high-heels learn how to walk in them. If you can’t walk in high-heels why bother wearing them? There are so many other choices and alternatives to look good, stylish and comfortable. Lena Dunham was wearing such a long dress, that she could definitely afford to wear anything, even sneakers underneath it. Instead she was walking awkwardly up to the stage twice, that even I felt sorry for her. Honestly, it was painful to watch.

5. When you talk about people who inspired you, don’t mention their age even subtly. Lena Dunham did a huge mistake by saying that the genius of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took her through middle school. Who says that? It is almost the same as calling Tina and Amy old ladies to their faces. No wonder Tina Fey had to comment on it from the stage afterwards. If you want to acknowledge someone better say: “Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have always been my role-models. They inspired me to write and I am still learning a lot from them.” There, this sounds much better and would not raise bitter feelings, quite the opposite. And I am not even the award winning writer, yet :o)

So, now I guess there is no wonder that am not going to watch “Girls”. There is nothing Lena Dunham can tell or show, that would be of any interest to me. But although I am not a fan of this girl, I do admire her ability to write, produce and star in her own show! And most importantly win 2 Golden Globes for all that! And who knows, maybe there is something more important in life than wearing dresses that fit, knowing how to walk in high-heels, have Hollywood smile, spotless makeup and shiny hair? Maybe your accomplishments should speak louder than your looks? Well, this is something every person should decide for themselves. I for one prefer to be perfect in every sense :o)

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