The year is coming to it’s end and it is time to sum up the results and make plans for the next year. I must say that this year was very successful for Rich Girls Club. We have traveled a lot, made new friends and potential partners, attracted new amazing club members, but most of all had a lot of great time and enjoyed our life. For me this year was special, because I have changed my lifestyle completely, moved to a new country and were learning how to adapt to new circumstances.
But, this post I want to dedicate to the most popular content on Rich Girls Club in 2010. What things attracted the most attention? What Rich Girls are most interested in? To all these and other questions I was able to find answers in Google Analytics.
Here goes the Rich Girls Club Top Content in 2010.

5 – Fall/Winter 2010 / 2011 shoes picked by Rich Girl

Fifth place in our top occupies post with the most amazing shoes I could find for this years coldest season. I loved this post myself very much, no wonder it accumulated great amount of traffic for such a short period of time. If you by any chance missed this post, you can have a look at cool pictures of amazing designer shoes here.

4 – Rich Girls – Top 10 Celebrity Bikini selection

On the forth place there is a post with bikini involved. There is no surprise here as well, as we not only guys love to watch pictures of half naked girls in tiny bikinis. Girls love to check the latest bikini trends as well as check the celebrity bodies, just to make sure that their own bodies are even more sexier and better, right Girls?! For those of you who is going to add – “Perfect Bikini Body by Summer” – to the list of your New Years Resolutions, I suggest to look at these Celebrity Bikini Pictures for more motivation and inspiration!

3 – Rich Celebrity Girls’ Power

And to prove that Rich Girls are not only obsessed with shoes and their own bodies, on the third place is a very interesting list of top earning Celebrity Rich Girls in the world. I have extracted from the original Forbes “The Celebrity 100” list only top 10 girls and the result was amazing and very motivational. This article is not the one to be missed, so have a look or guess who occupied the 1st place in Celebrity Girl’s Power list here.

2 – Vera Wang – #1 wedding dress choice of Rich Girls

My post which I did in May about amazing and spectacular wedding dresses by Vera Wang was an absolute hit through the whole year. I am really pleased with this post and I am still looking at these dresses and can’t decide which one is the most perfect and feminine. Rich Girls, if you are going to get married in the coming year, before you start your ultimate Perfect Wedding Dress search, just have a look at these splendid Vera Wang wedding dresses. Maybe it will help you to understand what kind of dress you really want for your most special day.

Ok, now we have come to the very top of our “Rich Girls Club Top Content in 2010” and here comes the surprise. When I was writing this post, I had no idea it will be sooooo popular throughout the year! I am still very surprised, but the winner takes it all right?!

1 – Eva Longoria Parker in Marbella, Spain

The most hits generated a tiny article about Eva Longoria and her visit to Marbella this year. Even the similar post about Michelle Obama visit to Marbella almost at the same time didn’t make such an impact. I don’t know what kind of conclusions can I make other than well done Eva Longoria!! You are really popular among Rich Girls. And, yes, I watch “Desperate Housewives” and Gabriel Solis is my favorite “Housewife”. For those who want to see why the post about Eva Longoria generated the most hits to Rich Girls Club this year as well as to see her and Antonio Banderas talking Spanish during the Starlite Gala event in Marbella this year, click here.

These were the most popular posts on Rich Girls Club in 2010. I am really looking forward to see what the New Year has prepared for us! I bet it will be even more fun and exciting stuff! Just wait and see, my lovely Rich Girls!

Have amazing Holidays and see you all in 2011!


Rich Girl

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