Valentine’s Day is the day of true love and romance. And every love should have a happy ending, right? But what is a happy ending? I think that nobody has an answer to this question, but I believe in theory that every relationship has to go through certain stages and one of these stages is for a guy to make one of the most important decisions in his life and propose for a girl he loves and for a girl to consider this offer carefully and either accept or reject it. A lot of people are afraid to make this step and commit for life with one person, some make a choice to never get married, people are different and everyone has the right to live this life how they please and I respect that.

We can dispute a lot about should people get married at all, what does marriage change and etc. And maybe sometimes I won’t be able to find enough reasons why people should get married. But nobody will ever be able to convince me, that there is no sense in proposal! I think that it is the most romantic, brave and admirable thing that a guy can ever do in his entire life. Guys can go to war, fight criminals, earn billions of dollars and be considered brave and successful, but for me the bravest of all are those who are not afraid to show their vulnerability, standing on one knee in front of the girl. Tell me, how else will the girl ever know, if the guy truly loves her and is ready to do anything for her, if he never proposed?

engagement ring in the shape of the heart

Well, anyway I am such a sucker for romance, I love good stories, happy endings and weddings! And I guess Valentine’s Day brings out all these feelings. I have spent the whole last week watching proposal videos on Youtube, crying happy tears and eating chocolate :) It started with the article I wrote for – the project, which I am working on together with my friend Alona. And after that article I just couldn’t stop watching these romantic videos, so I have collected “12 Most Amazing Marriage Proposal Videos” and I want to share them with you as my Valentines Day present :)

Girls and boys, true love exists! And if you haven’t found the right person yet, don’t worry he/she is closer than you think! Happy Valentines Day!

Awesome Marriage Proposal Videos

2 amazing proposal ideas in a movie theater:

Great idea to propose in a park with a bunch of dancers:

2 cute proposal ideas involving cards with text:

Adorable pre-recorded proposal video:

Dangerous proposal:

Awesome proposal video and a story (although it is actually an advertising, but a really cute one):

Recruiting Dolphins to do all the talking:

Marriage proposal with the window lights on a building (I still don’t know how this is possible, but it looks amazing!):

Unexpected marriage proposal:

Surprise marriage proposal on the TV show:

I just love these videos and creative guys! I wonder just how exactly they came up with the idea and how long did it take for them to prepare. Anyway, this is so great and undoubtedly amazing way to start a new life together. What a great memory they will share and tell their kids and grandkids. And all of this happened on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year!

So, what do you think about these marriage proposal ideas and videos? (And brave guys? hehe) If you have stumbled upon other cool videos that I have missed, please share your findings with us. I would love to spend more time watching romantic videos. It is much better than some of the movies these days.


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