The amazing dress by Antonio Berardi continues to win celebrities hearts. When I fist saw this dress and suggested that it could be an amazing choice for someone to sparkle on a red carpet, I honestly didn’t hope that anyone would actually wear it. What are the chances, right? So, when Jane Krakowski wore the exactly same dress to SAG Awards 2012 red carpet, I was beyond myself with excitement!

And of course I didn’t expect that this dress will appear on someone again. It would be too much. So, when I saw pictures from Grammy’s and Kim Kardashian was wearing the same Antonio Berardi’s dress, just in different colour, I was shocked. Just two weeks after Jane’s SAG Awards appearance? How weird is that?

Why would Kim Kardashian wear the exactly same dress, I wonder? I doubt that Kim or her stylists were unaware of Jane’s dress, because it was all over the Internet. And girls usually hate to wear the same dresses, especially celebrities. So, I guess there is only one explanation to this awkward situation: Kim just wanted to appear in magazines and numerous Internet resources in the “who wore it best” section. And I must hand it to her, this tactic really worked, as there are countless pages now mentioning Kim and Jane.

I wouldn’t normally feature Kim and Jane together in the same dresses, as I don’t have “who wore it best” category, but I do it now only because it is Antonio Berardi dress and I fell in love with it way before these girls did.

So, Who Do You Think Wore Antonio Berardi Dress Best?

kim kardashian and jane krakowski in antonio berardi dress

Please leave your votes in the comments below. I will only reveal my opinion in the comments, after you :)


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