I have celebrated the beginning of the Spring this year with my amazing girlfriends in Milan. We planned this get-together half a year in advance and it turned out to be a blast!

It was so great to meet all my old friends, whom I haven’t seen in a while and still realize that we haven’t changed a lot and still can have so much fun together. My friends now live in different countries all around the world and it was really amazing that we could find time in our busy schedules and dedicate it just for ourselves.

Why Milan? There were no particular reason for choosing Milan, other than this was the easiest destination for all of us and one of my friends lived in Milan for a couple of years, so she could show us the best places in town.

Blond Girls in Milan Gallery

What did we do? Well, maybe I will disappoint you, but we were definitely not going on a sightseeing tour :) I have been in Milan before and this city didn’t impress me much. The only place I really love in Milan is the Duomo Cathedral and the Gallery.

Gallery in Milan center

So, in Milan we partied, drank a lot of marvelous coffee, enjoyed delicious food, talked and laughed a lot. And yes, some of us did go shopping :) There is no chance you won’t buy anything while in Milan. I had no intention on going shopping, but I bought some bits and pieces anyway.

Gallery in Milan Center Inside

People in Milan? People in Milan are super mega stylish! I was watching them in awe, because every single person (excluding the tourists) was looking unique and trendy. And there is no surprise, because Milan is the fashion capital of the world. People in Milan are spoiled, because they have such an amazing choice of brands, stores, boutiques, outlets.

What else have I noticed, is that guys in Milan are taking really good care of themselves. Every single guy I have met on the streets of Milan had a trendy haircut or an up-do and their skin looked perfect (well, at least from the distance). It seems that all men in Milan are involved in modeling business, which also can be true. But all the above mentioned somehow doesn’t make these men super attractive, for me it all looked kind of superficial, a little bit too much.

Duomo Milan Center Cathedral

Best Memories? My best memories from this trip will be the atmosphere of girlie spirit and unity, that I have experienced during these three days. Every one of us has their own problems and fears, but we somehow managed to leave everything at home and just enjoyed the life, our friendship, good company, good laugh, good food and good coffee.

Italian Coffee

Definitely I will always remember this trip with a warm smile on my face. Thank you girls, for being amazing and wonderful!

The next day after we all returned back home from our trip, we started to plan our next get-together, we just can’t get enough! :)

Rich Girl Milan Gallery Center

What about you, my lovely rich girls? Have you ever went on a girls get-together trips? What was it like? Where did you go? Please share your thoughts and memories with us all in the comments below!

Have an amazing spring ahead of you, girls!


Rich Girl

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