Traveling can be tiresome, especially when your flight is delayed for 5 hours and there is still a 24 hour journey ahead of you. But there are a few tricks that help me be as comfortable as possible.

travel essentials for comfortable rich enjoyable airplane trip

1 – iPad

Since I got an iPad, I don’t know how I was travelling without it. Now I have my books, magazines, music, games and movies all in one cute device. If someone asked me to name one thing which I would take to a deserted island with me, I would definitely say: “iPad!!”

2 – Pre-moistened towelettes

This is one thing which is super useful no matter how you travel by car, bus, train or airplane. I love these Dr Dennis Gross EZ4U Facial Towelettes, but I guess any kind would do.

3 – Sleeping mask

Although it is extremely hard to sleep on a plane, I still carry my sleeping beauty eye mask with me at all times, just in case :)

4 – Lip balm

When I travel by airplane, my lips become very dry. La Mer lip balm is the best.

5 – Moisturizing cream

If my lips are getting dry, so is my skin. I always make sure that I have a small container of a good moisturaiser in my hand laguage. At the moment I use Kiehl’s Yerba Mate Tea Gel-Cream.

6 – Neck pillow

Although they give you pillows and blankets, I still prefer to have my own travel pillow.

7 – Chewing gum/bottled water

I always feel more comfortable when I have chewing gum or candies with me. And bottled water, of course.

8 – New magazine

Although I can download magazines on my iPad, I still prefer to flip through pages of “real” People or Vogue.

9 – Fluffy socks

This is my other soft spot – Charter Club Socks

10 – Interesting book

You will be laughing, but I still carry iPad and books. Can’t live without a book.

So, these are my 10 travel essentials. Would love to know about your things, that you can’t travel without?

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