Hello everyone! I have just returned from my unforgettable almost 3 weeks’ long trip to USA! During my vacation I managed to spend a few days in New York, which involved cultural and retail experience. By this I mean lots (LOTS!!) of shopping during all of my stay and one day dedicated to the Metropolitan museum and “The Phantom of the Opera” Broadway show.

I also traveled to LA, San Diego, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon! America is the country I always want to come back to. This was my third time here and I still want more. So much so, that I am already planning my trip to Texas.

new york city in autumn yellow cabs madison avenue

There are literally tons of photos I need to go through, numerous things that I need to sort and arrange in my closet, find free spot on the fridge door for magnets. But all this can wait until I am back to my normal self. Because at the moment due to a jet lag I lead a life of a vampire, sleeping during daytime and wandering around the house at night hungry for blood food.

So please expect a lot of stories and photos later.

What were you up to this month, rich girls?

Rich Girl

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