Dates of Champagne Spray Parties at Ocean Club Marbella in 2019: 5.05; 26.05; 30.06; 28.07; 25.08

Summer season starts early in Marbella! You know that the season has finally started, when major beach clubs are having their amazing Grand Opening parties! As soon as the Ocean Club is opened, you can grab your bikinis, organise your best friends and fly to Marbella for the unforgettable summer of your life. We are always ready to party in style here in Marbella. By the way, this year Ocean Club’s grand White and Silver opening party is scheduled to happen on 26th of April 2019. The entrance ticket (without a table) is 200 Euros, which includes an open bar and flying buffet; the VIP table is 3 000 Euros minimum spend (maximum of 10 people per table) which include chef selection of sharing platters; Super VIP table 4 500 Euros minimum spend (maximum of 10 people per table) which include chef selection of sharing platters. You can see how glamorous it was last year here.

It seems that this summer will be even busier, than the previous one, which is great – more crowd, more fun! A lot of beautiful people already can be seen on the streets, in the port, on different parties and in the clubs. New clubs and cool places will open this summer, as always. So, even more amazing places to visit and fall in love with. Go, Marbella!

Champagne Spray Parties ocean club marbella champagne spray party ladies bikinis

Champagne Spray Parties in Marbella

One of the most famous parties here on the Costa del Sol – Champagne Spray Parties, organized by Sintillate in Ocean Club. I already wrote a bit about this party and you can read it here in case you missed it. But since Champagne Party is one of the major events of the summer here in Marbella it is worth to write about it more.

champagne spray sunday party marbella bikinis

Champagne Spray Sunday Parties at Ocean Club organized by Sintillate are one of the most luxurious and fun parties during summer season in Marbella with rivers of expensive champagne, beautiful people, sun and music. Over 2000 bottles of Veuve Cliquot and now Dom Perignon Champagne got sprayed throughout the party. The happy day in the sun starts at 11 a.m. and continues till the 8.00 p.m, when nobody wants to leave. Not only because it is such a great party, but also because some people just can’t walk. Imagine drinking champagne from 11 in the morning through the day under the hot Spanish sun and you can get the picture.

ocean club marbella champagne bottles spray party

What Is Ocean Club Marbella?!

Ocean Club with it’s 9000 m2 is a really perfect venue for such parties, it was fully renovated in 2008 and each season there are constant updates to make the club unique and upscale. It has the second largest swimming pool of its kind in Europe, a designer bar, a restaurant catering for 300 people, live DJs, entertainment, over-sized white leather beds, a massage zone and parking.

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Legendary Sintillate Champagne Spray Sunday Parties are hosted at the end of every month during summer season. Update 11/02/2019: This year Champagne Spray Sunday Parties will take place on the following dates: 2019: 05.05; 26.05; 30.06; 28.07; 25.08. Some people go especially to Marbella because of Champagne Parties in Ocean Club. In case you want to experience it as well, better plan your vacation around these dates. And don’t forget to book your beds and tickets in advance!

champagne spray party ocean club marbella men

Every year the bed prices are going up due to the high demand. This year you will be paying 1150€ for a small round bed for 4 people and go up to 6950€ for a super VIP square suitable for 14 people! And accordingly from 1295€ up to 9950€ for the same beds on Sundays during the Bank Holiday. Entry only ticket without a bed, but with one bottle of Dom Perignon champagne costs 200€ (250€ on Bank Holiday). Complete list of bed prices for 2019 Champagne Spray Parties you can find on Ocean Club Marbella website 

As I said before, during two bank holiday weekends bed prices for Champagne Spray party during Bank Holidays will be a bit higher than usually.

It is better to book your beds or entry tickets in advance as they are sold out very quickly, you can contact for all information regarding bookings and prices or go to this interactive page to pick the bed and date you need. Make sure that you don’t miss the party!!

champagne spray party ocean club marbella men

It is great to read about the party and see some pictures, but it is always much better to experience it yourself, right rich girls?!

girls in bikinis at champagne spray party marbella

Here is also a very high quality video about the parties organized by Sintillate in Marbella. Maybe you will manage to spot yourself there :)

What do you think about pool parties? Have you ever been to such parties here in Marbella or anywhere else around the Globe? Share your experience with us, we would love to hear from you!

Have an amazing summer!


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Photo credit: Sintillate