Valentine’s Day is approaching rapidly and what is one of the best presents Rich Girls can prepare for their sweethearts?! Of course, the night they won’t be able to forget! And what can make the night so special and  unforgettable?! Well, what would you say about striptease?! Imagine you turn on the romantic music, light up some candles and slowly enter the room, where he is waiting for you. Sounds like a perfect start for Valentine’s Day night, right?

I think it would be great, but if you want to stick to this kind of plan you will need two things: learn some basic sexy moves and amazing lingerie, which will help you feel confident, luxurious and most of all – special and sexy. Carmen Electra has, to my mind, amazing dvd series which will inspire you and help you learn some striptease basics. I would suggest you to try Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease – In the Bedroom

And regarding lingerie, my favorite brand for this matter is LA PERLA and not because LA PERLA is sophisticated, luxurious and expensive, but mostly because it makes me feel special and desired woman. All the money I have already spent on this glamorous and chic lingerie is well worth it. Of course, you can wear any brand you like for the big night, I am just highlighting one of the options ;)

I haven’t decided yet, what exactly I am going to do for Valentine’s Day night, but I have already picked some of my favorites from LA PERLA just in case ;) See the pictures below ;)

These three outfits would be great to wear if I want to be super sexy and hot. I was thinking to make a very dramatic make-up for this one (you can click on the pictures to zoom in and see details of these masterpieces):

la perla lingerie luxurious expensive sophisticated la perla lingerie garter belts laperla lingerie luxury

And the following three of my picks would be perfect in case I want to feel romantic and beautiful (You can click on the pictures to zoom in and see details of these masterpieces):

la perla lingerie bra laperla lingerie luxury bra and bottom

So, what do you think?! Did I manage to convince you to try to prepare something special for this Valentine’s Day? :)

If your are not convinced, then you can check out my few gift ideas for guys on Valentine’s Day here or other cool ideas how to celebrate Valentines Day in style and luxury here. Our guys deserve a treat on this special day of love, right?!

You are welcome to share your favorite lingerie designs and brands with me, I would also love to see some pictures.

Get ready for Valentine’s Day, girls! And tell me all about it after :)


Rich Girl

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P.S. All pictures in this post are taken from LA PERLA website.