Monaco Yacht Show is the absolute must-go event for all industry professionals. Not only because there is only one chance in a year to see all new yachts in the categories of “super” and “mega” at once in one area, but also to find out about new trends, receive professional awards, meet potential clients, build valuable business relationships and, of course, sign contracts. If you are just thinking about buying or building your very first yacht, visiting Monaco Yacht Show will definitely provide you with a lot of inspiration and precious information. It will also give you a chance to meet all the necessary people, who will help you understand what your dream yacht can and should look like.

The current exhibition has clearly demonstrated: the crisis in this sector successfully passed. There were 38 world premieres and a total of 103 water exhibited super and mega yachts during the MYS 2012. There were 500 exhibitors, including 74 shipbuilding wharfs, 16 of which are among the top twenty in the world. During four days Monaco Yacht show was visited by approximately 33 thousand people and around 800 accredited journalists were covering this grand event. I was among the loyal fans of the show, because I went there for 3 consecutive years and plan to continue my wonderful tradition :)

julia aka rich girl at monaco yacht show 2012

One of the trends of the year – reduced length of motor yachts. The average yardage of exhibited yachts amounted to 46.7 m. This reduction will result in lower price and much easier maintenance and mooring of the ship in the future. “Project 12” was one of the brand new yachts, which I was very fortunate to visit. Built by Pisa Shipyachts in 2012 “Project 12” is a 46.57m long motor yacht, who can accommodate 16 guests and has extremely tasteful interior design by Mark Berryman Design Ltd. I fell in love with this yacht the moment I boarded. The chief stewardess, who was kind to show me around the yacht, was telling me what a great feeling it was to unpack all the brand new furniture, tableware and other decorations. She said: “It was almost as exciting as unpacking Christmas presents!” I loved the yacht so much, that I didn’t want to leave it. I could easily imagine myself charting this yacht for a fun week with friends. What a great time we would have! Here are some of the picture I took during my visit:

Sun deck with jacuzzi at Project 12 yacht

cute balcony on Project 12 yacht

dining area and dining table on Project 12 yacht

Living room with huge couch at Project 12 yacht
One of the bedrooms at Project 12 yacht
office at Project 12 yacht
little windows at Project 12 yacht
specs of Project 12 yachts at Monaco Yacht show 2012

So, what do you think about this beautiful “Project 12” yacht? I think it is exquisite!

The other brand new yacht which I visited and was allowed to take photos was 45m “Karia”, built by Turkey’s RMK yard with naval architecture by Ron Holland. This beauty can accommodate 12 guests and her interior is by Design Unlimited. Here are some pictures which I made onboard “Karia” during my visit:

karia yacht dining deck
karia yacht sundeck with jacuzzi with sunbeds
bar on Karia yacht deck
karia yacht interior living room
jacuzzi on a Karia yacht sundeck
bedroom on Karia yacht bedroom
And happy me onboard of “Karia” yacht:
rich girl Julia owner of onboard at Karia yacht

Of course, photos are one thing, but seeing everything in person is another. So, I highly recommend you to plan your visit to Monaco Yacht Show in advance and ask brokers to show you around.

The other amazing yachts that I visited during Monaco Yacht Show 2012, but was not allowed to take photos were: Mogambo – 73,51m; Diamond are Forever – 60,95m and Imperial Princess – 40m.

British shipyard Princess Yachts for the second consecutive year celebrated their brilliant debut. In 2011 they became super-yacht manufacturers with Princess 32 m, and in 2012 continued their success with the premiere of the Princess 40m called “Imperial Princess”. The buyer of this three-deck yacht will be able to choose not only design, but the interior layout options.

“Diamonds Are Forever” was definitely one of the most luxurious yachts I have ever seen. Such a pity, that I was not allowed to take photos onboard, the interior design is very glamorous and sparkly! Loved it a lot!

diamonds are forever superyacht in Monaco port Hercules

I also wanted to visit “Okko” and “La Pellegrina”, but there was a huge waiting list to get on board of the most elegant tri-deck Okko from Mondo Marine (40,8m), built for a Russian customer. And I was so exhausted by the end of the day, that I had no more energy to visit “La Pellegrina” yacht (49.9). You know, although it is such a delightful experience to look around the yachts, it is also extremely tiring. So, next time I am going to Monaco Yacht Show, I will be planning my days very carefully and book my yacht visits in advance.

The Monaco yacht Show 2012 was a great success. All exhibitors were satisfied with their results and investment. And I can’t wait to go to Monaco Yacht Show 2013 already!

Have you ever visited Monaco Yacht Show before? Would you like to go, if you had a chance? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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