Sarah Danielson submitted a lot of interesting and useful articles to Rich Girls Club lately. Today I am glad to share with you the list of Top 10 Must-See movies, which Sarah carefully selected for us. I would love to know if you have already seen some of these movies and what did you think of them? Maybe there is your most favorite movie mentioned in this list? Maybe you can suggest us other interesting movies, which are not in this list? Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Kisses, Rich Girl.

Even rich girls sometimes spend a night at home, curled up in front of their flat screen in their own home theater. And for those nights when hitting the VIP room at the club or schmoozing with society elites sounds like too much to handle, a little at-home entertainment is in order. So pull out the caviar and Cristal and sink into the cushions of your designer couch; here are few movies that every rich girl will love.

Troop Beverly Hills (1989). What could be more fun than selling cookies door-to-door in Beverly Hills (if only it weren’t for the annoying red-feathers)? These girls are not your typical scouts; their problems include rich parents that forget your birthday (they planned a trip…without you) and dads who run off with the hired help. And their badges are for shopping and gem appraisal. But they have each other’s backs, and that’s what matters when you’re stuck in the woods with couture backpacks and no real knowledge of the wilderness.

Clueless (1995). The movie that spawned countless truisms like “whatever” and “as if” still has the power to entertain as rich girl Cher cluelessly stumbles through her sunny SoCal life with a giant wardrobe and a heart to match.

The Breakfast Club (1985). Nobody makes slumming it in detention look quite as good as Molly Ringwald (sushi for lunch? really?). Every rich girl in the room will give a little “Aww!” when she hands one of her diamond earrings to bad boy, rebel-without-a-cause Judd Nelson, who basically vows to help her grab the attention of her wealthy and neglectful parents.

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Wall Street (1987). He may not have said it first, but Gordon Gekko certainly said it best: greed is good. Who cares if using insider information to earn a buck is illegal? The ends justify the means in this tale of ‘80s excess and cutthroat corporate competition. It’s all good (right up until Gekko goes to jail).

Heathers (1988). This movie is not so much about rich girls as the girls who rule the school, but with teenage suicide (don’t do it!) becoming the latest trend, it’s no surprise that the backstabbing between the three Heathers (and one Veronica) that rule the roost would reach epic proportions when a handsome stranger appears to stir the pot.

Jawbreaker (1999). There’s no shortage of movies about upper-crust girls behaving badly, but this one goes from bad to worse when the murder of a classmate (by Jawbreaker candy) puts a couple of girls in the hot-seat and lands one mousy witness in the money. For her silence, she gets a rich-girl makeover, complete with attitude.

Trading Places (1983). What happens when two old men with too much money start making bets about the power of social position? Hilarity ensues, in the form of one well-bred, high-powered stock-broker (Dan Aykroyd) being tricked into switching places with a wheedling street thug (Eddie Murphy). Luckily, they work together to get rich and put the gambling grandpas out of business.

Grey Gardens (2009). Let this serve as a warning: a good family name can go a long way, but once the money starts to run out, it’s all too easy to end up living in a run-down mansion with your crazy mother. And this movie imparts another lesson, as well; avoid head scarves at all costs!

Jerry Maguire (1996). Does it get any better than Tom Cruise shouting “Show me the money!” at the top of his lungs to secure the devotion of his one remaining client as he quits his high-paying job to strike out on his own? Of course, his tale of hardship isn’t quite as enthralling as the lengths he goes to where love is concerned. You had us at hello, Jerry.

Cinderella (1950). The penultimate movie for rich girls showcases a poor girl who strikes it rich not through hard work, but because she catches the attention of handsome prince. Of course, her winning attitude doesn’t hurt, but we all know it’s the magic of her fairy godmother (early personal stylist) and the glass slippers that really seal the deal. Looking for an updated version of this movie? Try Pretty Woman or one of about a dozen remakes (both animated and live).

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