Ladies timepieces need to make a statement and help you to stand out from the crowd and this is exactly what you’ll be getting when you invest in Vivienne Westwood watches. The immensely striking British fashion and jewellery designer has entered the world of ladies luxury watches with some considerable style and her latest collection is certain to cause a splash in the fashion circles.

If you’re interested in understated and run of the mill ladies watches, then the Vivienne Westwood collection isn’t for you – they are definitely more up the street of those fashionistas who want to really turn heads with their choice of clothing and luxury fashion accessories. Regardless of what types of colours and styles that you favour when it comes to the timepiece that you wear, you find something within the extensive Vivienne Westwood collection that more than fits the bill.

vivienne westwood watch on a blue strap

Ladies watches are, of course, a matter of personal preference and whilst many will adore Vivienne Westwood watches, there will, of course, be those who prefer their watches to be a little less showy. For these individual, it is probably a good idea to consider other luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Tissot watches. Personally speaking, I find it difficult to dislike anything about Vivienne Westwood watches as all the designs are so unique and striking and quite unlike anything else on the luxury ladies watches market.

vivienne westwood woman lady watch metalic

In terms of ladies fashion, you know you’ve made it when your work makes it onto the silver screen – and Vivienne Westwood clothing featured regularly throughout the HBO television series Sex and the City. Her collection of luxury watches follows on closely from how she designs her clothing and the styles are incredibly eclectic and easy on the eye. There are so many different varieties to choose from with Vivienne Westwood watches that you will be spoiled for choice for sure. It is definitely one of the most unique and stylish brands available today within the field of luxury timepieces and I for one am certain that it will remain this way for some considerable time to come.

This post is written by James, who is a fashion and luxury watches aficionado, who enjoys writing about the latest watches and jewellery to hit the marketplace. He is a big fan of Vivienne Westwood watches and keeps a keen eye on all the latest timepieces from this luxury designer.

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