All the well-known celebs are having different things done to their teeth so that they have bright, straight smiles when they are seen out in public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the very same look and show your pals the ‘Hollywood smile’. This article looks at many of the cosmetic dental treatments that are available to anyone with the funds to afford them. Cosmetic dental treatments can range from whitening and straightening teeth to veneers and crowns. For a major repair it can extend to dental implants and bridges.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening does carry some risks, such as an increase in tooth sensitivity, irritation of gums, and mismatched teeth. Teeth whitening can be inexpensive or it can be very expensive. It all depends on which procedure is chosen to be done. This is a simple way to get the glistening look of the celebrities, with Simon Cowell often sending contestants on The X Factor to get their teeth whitened. Does that help with their singing voices?


Veneers can help to correct crowded and crooked teeth but if a tooth has actually been lost due to a medical condition or accident, a dental implant may be needed. Veneers are used when teeth are only slightly damaged or weakened. This is mainly to enhance appearances of the tooth. Treatment requires the removal of some natural tooth, which cannot be returned. This can also be an expensive procedure, depending on how many teeth require treatment. Who’s had it? Rich girl, Hilary Duff for a start.

white teeth perfect smile


And to cover cracks and chips most everyone has dentistry bonding done. There probably isn’t a celebrity who hasn’t had this procedure. It’s simple and really effective.


A crown is used when the tooth is in bad shape and there isn’t enough of it left to fill. They are also used with teeth that have had a root canal and become weakened. The major drawback to this procedure is that the majority of the tooth is removed before the crown is placed. There are risks to having crowns done. There may be an allergy to the anaesthetic or the material the crown is made from. This procedure doesn’t have to be that expensive.

white healthy teeth perfect smile

Dental implants

Dental implants are surgically placed when the root of the tooth is unable to be saved. The implant is fused with the patient’s own bone. There are risks with this procedure also. Some implants fail to be accepted by the patients’ body. And there is the added risk if there is an abscess. The dentist must clear it all out or it may be pushed into the jaw and cause worst problems. This procedure can be fairly expensive.

Dentists are now marketing many of these treatments as a means to achieve the ‘Hollywood Look’. If you have the funds and you want to have that look of glitz and glamour, there is no way no how that you should leave your smile to fend for itself.

This is a guest post written by Richard from the dentistry guide website, an informational resource where you can learn more about the above treatments. He is on Twitter at @thefreshhealth.

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