Exotic locations like Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and India draw thousands of foreign patients each year for plastic surgery. Not only will you be saving money on a procedure, but you get to enjoy a luxurious vacation in an exotic country. The cost of overseas plastic surgery is sometimes half of that in the United States. For example, nose surgery has an average cost of $6,000 in the United States, compared to $3,000 overseas. Nervous about going under the knife? Consider the idea of relaxing on vacation while returning to the states with some enhancements.

Medical tourism gets a lot of negative publicity. But why? There are plenty of skilled doctors outside of the United States. With the rise in sites like Groupon and Living Social, your exotic vacation might even be priced at a great discount, giving you more incentive to travel to a great location. Some resorts offer package deals that provide accommodations for your recovery.

plastic surgery while you are on vacation

Looking for a Surgeon

To be better prepared, here are a few tips for choosing a reputable source. Make sure that you take the time to research the credentials of the doctor who will be performing the surgery, as well as the hospital. Ask about the procedures available in case of an emergency situation. Find out if the doctor is board certified. Ideally, find a surgeon who is a member of the International Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. Also, schedule plenty of recovery time before returning home.

Destinations and Procedures

South Africa was one of the first countries to offer a medical tourism package, which could come with a safari or tour of the country. According to 2010 data reported by ISAPS, if you count by percentage of population then South Korea performs the most plastic surgery procedures. The most common procedures were liposuction, nose jobs and double eyelid surgery.

Greece was the second most popular location, with breast augmentations taking the top spot. Italy was the third on the leader board, with a total of 815,745 procedures performed in 2010. Botox was the most common.

plastic surgery while you are on vacation

Brazil has become one of the top spots for plastic surgery. The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery requires that all surgery be conducted by its members in accredited hospitals. Sao Paulo is a popular spot for tummy tucks, buttocks enhancements and breast augmentations. Did you know that Costa Rica is world renowned for its healthcare system? That’s one more boost if you’re considering plastic surgery during your vacation.

Our neighbor Mexico has capitalized on its location by offering all-inclusive beach vacations in many cities, such as Cancun, San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta. Bariatric surgery has become popular in Mexico.

Author Bio: Guest blogger Jennifer Vishnevsky is a freelance writer for About Plastic Surgery, as well as other lifestyle media sites.

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